Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Retail Therapy, Healthy Habits, & Something Shocking

Hello!  Happy gloomsday Tuesday!  It was a cold and rainy one here, but nothing a little retail therapy couldn't fix!  I stopped at Old Navy on my way home because I knew they were having a sale on all of their activewear.  I never really understood the importance of special running clothes, but now that I'm running three times a week I've really started to notice how much my shorts are riding up my crotch while I'm on the treadmill (tmi?)... like running itself wasn't enough to endure!

So I picked up 3 pairs of compression tights one pair was $15, the other two were each $19.50.  One of the pairs was originally sold for 45 bucks!  I win.

I also got a pair of capri yoga pants for $12.50 and a super comfy sweatshirt for $6.64.  Six dollars people!

And this shirt was $3.84, I couldn't resist!

And after my shopping trip, I headed to good old Globo Gym (aka Planet Fitness) to get in my run.

Today's workout:
1.5 mi on the treadmill, 14:15 min
5.40 mi on the bike, 15 min

I felt so great during my run!  I really pushed the pace because the run was short and I definitely had to be my own cheerleader in my head to keep up, but I realized that my legs felt good and I didn't get a side stitch or anything, so it was really just a mental game with myself.  I've read blogs saying long distance running is definitely mental, so hopefully I can keep the positive vibes going in my head!

This week has been a pretty healthy one.  I played some volleyball last night at Dave's church, yay for cross training.  I also made enough Green Monster to have some as a post volleyball treat and for bfast today and tomorrow.  This one contained some fresh strawberries, a banana, some orange/strawberry/banana juice, some ice, and some spinach of course.

I know, I know... it looks gross, but yum!

I even had a salad for dinner after the gym!  And guess what I did...

I tried tofu and LIKED IT.  I ordered a veggie saute at an Asian restaurant not realizing it included tofu.  So when the dish came and the little chunks of tofu were staring back at me, I decided I would at least try it.  I was shocked!  I never thought I'd like tofu, I thought it was something only those crazy vegetarians ate, I thought it would be gross.  But it was good, it was creamy and took on the taste of the sauce, and I liked it.  Who am I?????

What's something you thought "wasn't for you" until you tried it?


  1. Amber, these are awesome posts! I look so forward to reading them. Great job on the run, and thanks for the Old Navy sale. I'll do any sport as long as it has cute clothes.

    I do like tofu and there are many ways to prepare it. We'll talk about it when I see you.

    1. Thanks :) And yes, I think having new cute clothing will definitely be inspiring!

      I'm looking forward to it, I'm due for an adjustment!

  2. I'm loving the new background, A- very you :-) I'm so proud of your ambition with the running and eating healthy. Okay, we've been spending too much time together because I ate at a Thai restaurant last night and got tofu and liked it too. So weird. I think it's all in the quality of the 'fu and how you prep it. I smell a cooking adventure in our future!

    I need to stop at Old Navy and take advantage of those sales- my ratty gym clothes are getting real old haha.

  3. Gah! I have an Old Navy gift card from Christmas. Better get my booty over to that sale. As for tofu, I keep staring at this certain tofu-infused menu item every time I go to the fancy Japanese place. Gonna go ahead and order it next time.

  4. Wow, great deals on the active wear!! I love the pants from Old Navy!

  5. I just discovered that I really like tofu, too- even plain and cut up on salad. You're doing great and I'm so proud of you! Love the new pants/capris. If you're looking for a great top that doesn't have annoying sleeves, is super breathable and doesn't ride up at the bottom, I'm loving Nike's dri-fit racerback tanks. I bought one, then went back and got another. They make my life so much easier when I run :) One of those things you don't realize you needed until you have it, and then you don't want to live without it. Miss you, love your blog!


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