Monday, June 3, 2013

Special Olympics

My brother Tom has changed my life in ways that I can't describe.  I feel so lucky that I grew up with him in my family.  I've been exposed to challenging situations, frustrations, and sometimes a bit of heartache, but through it all he has taught me love, patience, and understanding.

The Special Olympics is always quite the event for Tom, but this year was over the top.  His excitement is always contagious!  His peers are amazing with him (remember Homecoming?!) and he drinks it all in, even kneeling down to kiss the hands of his female classmates.  Our family of five plus two boyfriends and two students turned into an entourage following him around event to event.  He may have gotten fourth in his 50 meter dash, but by his reaction, you would've thought he just won the super bowl!  And did I mention he got picked to run the torch?!

I can't believe he graduates on Friday.  Bring on the tissues!

Do you have any experience with disabled individuals?  How has it changed you?

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