Monday, August 31, 2015

Ode to Folk Fest, Part 2

This year was the 54th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival and my 7th!  Every year it just keeps getting better.  I love the campgrounds, the music was amazing, the people are my people.  And it didn't rain once, which is a small miracle.  A few years ago I wrote some fun haiku to remember the occasion and here are some more!

Sprinting required
To claim our usual spot
Home sweet home

Wagon fleet ready
Pile it high, not coming back
This is why I train

Thank you kind stranger
Pushing me up the giant hill
Wouldn't have made it

Unrelenting sun
Trying to fry all my friends
But not me, Brown Ber

Loud tequila fool
Sticky booze runs down your chin
Impressive and gross

Now please take a hint
Don't overstay your welcome
Already too late

That glowstick cactus
Trying to dry out the world
One chump at a time

Get so hydrated
Whether you like it or not
Drink water God damnit!

How am I awake?
It must be adrenaline
Cue the face plant nap

Warm cheesy tots, yes!
They make my belly happy
Let's go get some more

Creepy raccoon man
Snuck in our site from the back
What's that in your hand?

"Local, organic"
He chugged our olive oil
Ew, what just happened?!

First rats, now raccoons?
We got a real pest problem
In this neighborhood

Safety first (hydrate)
Teamwork (plus don't be a dick)
Framily - know the rules!

Let's go to the creek
Shoes and booze both required
Watch out for boulders

El Caribefunk
Your late night jams are magical
Please keep coming back

Hello there neighbors
We should be friends in real life
Since we're Fest framily

55th Folk Fest
Already looking forward
Next year, hurry up please

Thanks for these hilarious shots Marion!

Anybody got some haiku skills?!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Back Update: My Physical Therapy Evaluation

I finally had my first physical therapy appointment today!  I was really excited to go and the appointment went really well.  I didn't exactly get great news about my back, but I am very hopeful that my physical therapist will be able to give me positive results.  I am seeing Sue McClain, who brands herself as a both a physical therapist and a mobility coach.  She also coaches CrossFit, so I really feel like she is a great fit for me.  She came highly recommended by a bunch of people at my gym.

So apparently, when I bend over my spine isn't curling like it's supposed to, it's just hinging at one point which is where I'm experiencing all the pain.  My hips and IT bands are extremely tight too, which isn't really helping anything.  I also need to further refine some of my lifting techniques.

I haven't gone to the gym in almost 3 weeks and I'm not allowed to for another week.  My homework is to do 10-15 push aways every two hours.  A "push away" is when you lay on your stomach, place your hands on the ground in front of your shoulders, and push your upper body up towards the ceiling.  I can do more if my back hurts.  If it doesn't feel good, I'll do less.  I'm not allowed to bend over.  No slouching.  The average person bends their body forward, bringing their shoulders closer to their knees, around 4,000 times per day.  Yikes.  I will be listening to my body, taking notice of my pain and how it changes throughout the day.

If I do my homework diligently, it will help Sue to determine the best treatment plan for me.  It will also potentially speed up the process.  First we're going to make sure my spine is actually ok by letting it heal, then we will work on mobilizing my lower back, and last we will focus on correcting some of my technical issues.  I'm sure we'll be working on opening up my hips on the way too.

I'm slightly scared of how much I'm going to pay for this thanks to my high deductible health insurance plan, but I know it will be worth it.  I turn 29 on Monday, I'm too young to suffer from chronic back pain.  I've been dealing with this on and off for over 5 years and I'm so happy to actually work on correcting the issue!

Have you ever done PT before?  What was your experience?

Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekly Workouts + I Officially Scheduled My First PT Session!

I went to the doctor Tuesday morning and officially got a prescription for physical therapy!  I thought I was going to need to convince my doctor, but when I mentioned PT, he responded with "that's a great idea!"  I also got an Rx for an x-ray.  I haven't schedule my x-ray yet, but my PT evaluation is officially scheduled for 8/24!  I think I'm going to take it pretty easy until then.  I have a massage scheduled for next week too, I can't wait!

S - Rest

M - 0.72 mi walk with Butler + 100 Burpees in my living room (8:47)

T - CrossFit
  • WOD: 5 rounds
    • 12 Pull Ups
    • 12 Burpees
    • 200 m Run
    • (20 minute cap)
    I finished in 18:15 Rx.  This was not a favorite.  The burpees felt like an awful deja vu of the day before.  My pull ups were slow and I found myself alone finishing my first round of burpees when everyone else was already running.  Even though I know not everyone was doing Rx pull ups, it's still kind of upsetting to start the workout dead last.  However, I was proud that I connected two pull ups a few times.  World's slowest progress, but progress none the less.  And I pushed hard at the end and didn't end up finishing last.

W - CrossFit + 1.2 miles with Butler
  • Strength: Front Squat - 5 sets of full squat, stand up a quarter of the way, back down, then stand all the way up.  These didn't feel great for my back, so I stopped at 105 lbs which was not really fatiguing my legs.  Womp.
  • WOD: 21-15-9
    • Calorie Row
    • Hang Squat Snatch (75/55)
    • (10 minute cap)
    I completed 80 reps, Rx.  Still not loving the rower.  I actually liked the snatches, but after the row, those first 21 really crushed me.  This was one of those workouts that I huffed and puffed through and felt like I probably need to up my cardio game.
One of the best things about getting up before the sun!

Th - Officially need to stay away from front squats.  My back hurt so much yesterday and today.  Thankfully I already had an appointment scheduled with the chiropractor.

F - 0.7 mi with Butler + a trip to the driving range with my dad

S - 1.6 mi with Butler + lots of walking while I was shopping :)

I didn't take any pictures at all this weekend, fail!  I won't be posting next week since I'm taking a hiatus from CrossFit for the week and my only workouts will involve packing, carrying all our stuff into a field, and then setting up our camp site.  Perhaps my next post will be an Ode to Fest Part 2!

Have a great week!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekly Workouts - A Light Recovery Week

This week was pretty low key.  I've been hitting 3-4 CF sessions per week pretty regularly, so I didn't feel too bad about only going twice.  I wanted to actually give my back a break and my legs were wrecked for most of the week anyway.

S - The laziest day ever!

M - Rest + a trip to the chiropractor

T - CrossFit 
  • WOD: 3 rounds for time
    • 30 Calorie Row
    • 30 Pull Ups
    • 30 Pistols (aka one legged squats)
    • (3 min rest between rounds - 24 min cap)
    I got through 2 rounds.  I really don't enjoy the rower, but my pull ups were strong and I did the pistols the closest to Rx that I've ever done.  I did them with a 10 lbs plate under my heel to compensate for a lack of flexibility in my calves.  I was dropping it low!  And my quads were so smoked afterwards.  I was immediately sore!
W - 0.75 mi with Butler (I could barely walk!)

Th - CrossFit 
  • WOD: 5 rounds of 3 min AMRAPs
    • 4 Kettlebell Snatches (I used a 26 lbs KB)
    • 6 Hand Release Push Ups
    • 8 Air Squats
    • (1 min rest between rounds)
    I finished 17 rounds + 6!  This workout wasn't very glamorous, but I liked the short AMRAPs.  It was easy to push myself to sprint when I knew I'd be getting a rest so soon.  The KB snatches were challenging.  Push ups are always fun.  The air squats felt pretty awful in the beginning, but once I got really warm I think they probably helped to shake out my soreness.
F - Rest

S - 3.1 mi walk (with some running mixed in) with Butler

My weekend was full of fun things.  A sushi date with two of my favorite ladies, an afternoon spent poolside, a giant burrito bowl, a lovely bridal shower, and a doo wop concert in the park.  I took pictures of about half of those things...

Wish me luck for my doctor's appointment tomorrow morning!
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