Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekly Workouts + I Officially Scheduled My First PT Session!

I went to the doctor Tuesday morning and officially got a prescription for physical therapy!  I thought I was going to need to convince my doctor, but when I mentioned PT, he responded with "that's a great idea!"  I also got an Rx for an x-ray.  I haven't schedule my x-ray yet, but my PT evaluation is officially scheduled for 8/24!  I think I'm going to take it pretty easy until then.  I have a massage scheduled for next week too, I can't wait!

S - Rest

M - 0.72 mi walk with Butler + 100 Burpees in my living room (8:47)

T - CrossFit
  • WOD: 5 rounds
    • 12 Pull Ups
    • 12 Burpees
    • 200 m Run
    • (20 minute cap)
    I finished in 18:15 Rx.  This was not a favorite.  The burpees felt like an awful deja vu of the day before.  My pull ups were slow and I found myself alone finishing my first round of burpees when everyone else was already running.  Even though I know not everyone was doing Rx pull ups, it's still kind of upsetting to start the workout dead last.  However, I was proud that I connected two pull ups a few times.  World's slowest progress, but progress none the less.  And I pushed hard at the end and didn't end up finishing last.

W - CrossFit + 1.2 miles with Butler
  • Strength: Front Squat - 5 sets of full squat, stand up a quarter of the way, back down, then stand all the way up.  These didn't feel great for my back, so I stopped at 105 lbs which was not really fatiguing my legs.  Womp.
  • WOD: 21-15-9
    • Calorie Row
    • Hang Squat Snatch (75/55)
    • (10 minute cap)
    I completed 80 reps, Rx.  Still not loving the rower.  I actually liked the snatches, but after the row, those first 21 really crushed me.  This was one of those workouts that I huffed and puffed through and felt like I probably need to up my cardio game.
One of the best things about getting up before the sun!

Th - Officially need to stay away from front squats.  My back hurt so much yesterday and today.  Thankfully I already had an appointment scheduled with the chiropractor.

F - 0.7 mi with Butler + a trip to the driving range with my dad

S - 1.6 mi with Butler + lots of walking while I was shopping :)

I didn't take any pictures at all this weekend, fail!  I won't be posting next week since I'm taking a hiatus from CrossFit for the week and my only workouts will involve packing, carrying all our stuff into a field, and then setting up our camp site.  Perhaps my next post will be an Ode to Fest Part 2!

Have a great week!

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  1. WOW that sunrise! I've been taking morning walks and it's so amazing. Still can't get a good workout in during the morning though ;) I'm a morning zombie!


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