Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Baby #2: Week 19

Hit the gym at 6 am Wednesday.  After overdoing it twice last week, I knew I had to keep things on the lighter side.  But while most people hate overhead squats, I love them!

I did my snatch + 2 OHS complexes at 55#, 65#, 75#, 80#, and ended with #85 and they felt great!

The WOD was also all barbell work, which is my kind of workout!  The Rx barbell weight (65#) felt easy.  I did all the squats unbroken and was able to rebound many of the hang power snatches from the high hang position (vs. needing to reset and take it down to above my knee).  I completed 4 rounds + 12 deadlifts + 3 OH squats.

Thursday was a big day... we officially booked Keli and paid our deposit!  We are utilizing her day of services, the same as last time, but we added a postpartum visit too.  I'm really excited to work with her again.

I also ordered the nursery furniture!  I picked the same brand of furniture we got for V because we like it so much.  I feel like it's hard to tell the quality of furniture when you're ordering online, so it's nice to know what we're getting.  All the nursery furniture seemed significantly more expensive this time around (RIP Babies R Us), but I used some coupons and shopped around to find the best deals.  Our in-laws are graciously gifting us the furniture, just like they did for V, so I really wanted it to be furniture that will last for years.  The crib converts to a toddler bed and eventually a full size bed, just like V's crib.  We got both dressers shown in the picture (but skipped the hutch attachment).

The office is completely empty and Dave has been working on patching and prepping the walls.  He is planning on doing all the painting over Fourth of July weekend.  We just need to actually pick a paint color... something like this, but we haven't pinned down the one.

Friday I blew off the gym for more sleep.  I was feeling pretty run down and my shoulder is still bothering me a little.  And when I checked the app and hated the workout, it was a done deal.

The weekend was full of playgrounds, playdates, family, and the Phillies!  I also got to play hooky from work on Monday and go to a golf outing.  It was a really fun weekend, but it was also a lot of driving and time in the sun, which was exhausting.

I had my 20 week midwife appointment yesterday.  It was uneventful, in a good way.  My belly is measuring on track and the baby's heartbeat was 150 bpm.  I've spent quite a bit of time at these appointments discussing my last birth, how my blood pressure was deemed high (in the final hours of my 30+ hour natural labor, imagine that...) and how that impacted things.  I wanted to labor in the shower with intermittent monitoring, but was stuck with the blood pressure cuff and the tight bands across my belly, both of which I hated almost more than my contractions.  They wanted a urine sample to check for preeclampsia, but the baby's head was too low so they ended up using a catheter to drain my bladder, which wasn't great without an epidural.  My blood pressure was deemed normal before delivery, so I did not receive any medication, but then they gave me something after I delivered.  And there's absolutely NOTHING about any of this in my birth records.  No indication of what medication I received.  No note of how high my blood pressure actually was.  Nothing.  The only note is that they had trouble monitoring me and the baby due to "the mother's desired positioning."  So that is super irritating.  Add all of that to the list of reasons why I'm doing my care through Lifecycle.

I've been prescribed baby aspirin, as a preventative measure, but at my 16 week appointment my midwife discussed possibly doing baseline labs to have something to compare to if my blood pressure ends up being an issue again.  She said she believes my blood pressure most likely won't cause any issues, since it was normal throughout my entire pregnancy aside from the last few hours, and that I'll probably be much more relaxed at the birth center vs. the hospital.  However we did discuss the possibility of a repeat and if I would need medication that the baseline labs can help avoid a misdiagnosis (for example if my numbers were high during labor, but my baselines were a little higher than normal, then the higher numbers may not necessarily indicate an issue).  Apparently the medication that is used to prevent seizures from preeclampsia makes you feel awful, so ideally I want to avoid it.  However, after much deliberation and discussion with Dave, my doula, and the midwife at my 20 week appointment, I've decided to skip the extra labs.  I feel like it's just one more thing to stress about, one more high deductible bill to pay, and the chance of it actually changing the outcome is slim.  If my blood pressure is high at birth and they tell me I need the medication, I will take it.  But right now, I'm choosing to let it go and hope that it will be a non issue.

On another note... I gained 6 lbs between week 16 and 20.  I feel like I was going through some kind of growth spurt this past week.  Ugh.  I gained 10 lbs during that time period last time though... so I guess it could be worse.  I've been trying to avoid the 60 lbs gain from last time, but part of me thinks that my body is going to do what it's going to do and I did lose 30 lbs in the week after birth so I know a great deal of the weight was baby + placenta + fluids.  We'll see.

And now... we're halfway!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Baby #2: Week 18

I think I'm finally starting to feel the baby kick!  They say second time moms typically feel movement earlier, so I really thought I'd be feeling it for a while now.  I was starting to get super antsy and then I was laying in bed one night and there she was!  I'm really looking forward to when it's more regular and noticeable.

On Tuesday night I had a phone call with my doula Keli.  It was great to touch base and I'm thinking that I'm going to start listening to my Hypnobabies tracks soon.  Last time, I listened to them before bed and they always put me to sleep, so I feel like it's something I can start without making too much of a time commitment.  Leah ordered me some Zenbands, a headband that has flat speakers in it, so I think those will be amazing for listening in bed since the ear buds I used last time were kind of uncomfortable.  Plus the headband can double as an eye mask.  I just got them from her over the weekend, so I'll be starting the tracks soon.  Keli recommended starting by 28 weeks, so I'm in good shape.

I hit the gym Wednesday morning and I think it overdid it.  We started with 5 rounds of L sit dumbbell presses and building up to a set of 3 heavy thrusters.  The dumbbell presses were easy but I went up to 100 lbs for my thrusters and they felt pretty close to max effort.  I felt fine afterwards and moved on to the workout.  The workout was 25 thrusters (55# for women), 400m run (I did 200m on the rower), 25 pull ups (I did 20), 400m run (200m row), and then 25 thrusters to finish.  55# felt super light after doing 100#, but I still get winded so fast and was already well behind everyone else in the first set of thrusters, so I decided that 200m on the rower was enough.  I was thinking about cutting the pull ups to 15, but they felt ok so I kept going, but then people started coming back from the second run so I cut it at 20.  When I got back on the rower, I was feeling something down in my uterus, so I just kept the rowing nice and easy and made sure my belly had space between my knees.  The thrusters felt fine, so I finished the workout, but my body was definitely telling me that I did too much.  I think I should've kept my heavy thrusters a little bit lighter and did a few less pull ups.  I also think I need to start eating something before the gym.  When I'm not pregnant, I don't like to have anything in my stomach before a 6 am workout, but now my hunger is raging.  Sometimes I will eat a little dry cereal on the way, but I didn't have anything this morning and I had regret.  I need to grab some Clif Bars, they were my go to last time.

The workout Friday was looooong.

I subbed the 400m runs for 10 calories (0.5 mi) on the bike, did squat thrusts for the burpees, and I just skipped the toes to bar all together.  I Rxed the barbell work at 85# and did all the reps and they felt great.

The worst part was really just the squat thrust barbell jump overs.  I was not a fan and I think I'm done jumping over any bars after today!  I finished in 35:03 and felt kind of like I may have overdone it again today.  I guess I just need to chill a little bit, just because I can do something doesn't mean I should.  Not the easiest concept for me.

My weekend was spent catching up with some friends via play dates, watching Dave lead church on Father's Day, and being somewhat productive.  Dave did a lot more work than I did this weekend and the office is all but empty!  The walls need to be patched and prepped, but we are getting close to painting.  And I need to pick a color!!!!

I was leaning towards mint green walls with pink and white accents.

But then I realized Vienna has a lot of purple things already, like blankets people made for her, that I don't want to clash with the room. Dave is still against doing purple walls and I'm not sure how I feel about purple and mint alone together.

Although I actually love this cacti inspiration!  I had considered mint and navy, but maybe a lighter blue would be more complimentary to any purple that's going to be included.  These two might be my favorite.

Or maybe I just need something more green, less mint.




What do you think?!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Baby #2: Weeks 16 & 17

Week 16:

Can I just say I am over extreme thunderstorms?  Thankfully our immediate area did not experience any tornadoes or major damage, but we lost power Wednesday night, which came back after 4 hours, and then lost power again on Thursday night.  It was around 9 pm and it wasn't even storming at the time when a transformer right in front of our house basically exploded.  It was loud, super bright, and pretty scary.  I was really stressed Wednesday night about losing all the groceries I had just purchased, but thankfully the power wasn't out that long.  On Thursday I was more relaxed.  We had cooked some strip steaks for dinner, so I knew they weren't going to waste, and enjoyed the labor intensive Mongolian Beef leftovers for lunch.  And I felt hopeful things would come back on quickly like the night before, especially since PECO was saying our estimated time was 11 pm.  Well we woke up in the morning with no power, threw out a few things in the fridge, and packed everything else up to be taken to my inlaws'.

We got our power back around lunch time. Of course, it really wasn't that big of a deal.  I know people experienced much worse and my heart aches for them, but it was still inconvenient and I'm hoping we get a break from any extreme weather for the foreseeable future!

I was supposed to go to the gym Friday morning, but with the power being out I knew Dave would need my help dealing with the fridge situation and I was also awake from 2:30 until 3 something, which is not ideal when your alarm is going off at 5 am.  I've honestly been so exhausted all week so the extra hour of sleep was worth it.  I went Saturday morning instead and hit some back squats (topped out at 135#) and a 20 minute workout of rowing, squats, and snatches.  I kept things pretty low key in general because I didn't want to start the weekend feeling worn down.

Saturday afternoon I took V to Lancaster for Dave's cousin's wife's baby shower.  She was the belle of the ball at the party: saying hi to everyone, twirling around in her adorable dress, playing with the trucks and shovels, and making friends with the boys who were years older than her.

The rest of the weekend a mix of relaxing and being productive around the house.  We did some yard work, some cleaning and organizing inside, and finally started making a plan for the stuff in the office that needs to go.

On Monday I had my 16 week appointment.  I got to hear baby girl's heartbeat which was approximately 150 bpm.  They also said I'm measuring right on track!  We went over a 48 hr food log I had completed and she said, even with some daily candy at work, I'm doing just fine.  Completing a food log was definitely something I did not do with my OB practice, they never really talked about my diet aside from telling me I should probably eat a little less ice cream (which was true).  Quite honestly, after my 8 and 12 week appointments, my OB visits all seemed rushed and sort of  impersonal.  They would come in, look at a few things, ask me if I had any questions, and then send me on my way 15 minutes later.  This is one of the biggest differences with Lifecycle WomanCare.
LWC’s model of care of LWC is founded on our firm belief that the highest quality of care and the best health outcomes are achieved only when healthcare is provided with input, trust, mutual respect, and continued partnership between clients and providers. We have spent the last 36 years dedicated to advancing this model of healthcare—the midwifery model of care—for our clients and, indeed, for all women.

Experience has shown us that when women can develop this level of trusted partnerships with their providers, they are empowered and educated to be more in control of their health and healthcare decisions, and that these positive outcomes are repeated throughout every stage of women’s lives.

Our appointments are designed to foster those relationships. LWC provides a full 30 minutes or more for appointments, offering individualized attention and support for each client and her unique needs.
I've definitely noticed the difference and just feel so comfortable there.  When I had Vienna, I feel like I had the birth I was hoping for in spite of the OB and hospital policies.  I'm really looking forward to birthing with a team who fully supports my birth plan and goals!

Week 17:

I  hit the gym at 6 am on Wednesday!  Started with some L-sit overhead presses, 10 rounds of 5 reps with 20# dumbbells.  I really wished I was doing handstand push ups, but oh well!  The WOD was three 5 minute rounds of dubs, overhead squats, and burpee box jump overs.  I subbed 14 cals on the bike for the 100 dubs, did the OH squats at #55/65/75 (instead of #65/85/95), and did squat thruster box step overs.  It felt challenging, but good.  I wanted to go a little heavier on the OH squats, but my left shoulder was bothering me a little bit.  I'm going to ask the chiro to take a look at it and see what I can do with some lacrosse ball massage/torture.

I went again at 6 am on Friday.  The workout was 40 push ups (which I did on my knees), 20 pull ups, and then 10 rounds of 3 power cleans, 3 front squats, and 3 jerks.  The Rx weight was 80 lbs, which I probably could've done, but my shoulder was still bothering me so I went with 65.  I finished in 17:59.  Yay for going twice in one week!  I hate getting up at 5 something, but I really like having a regular schedule and with the heat, I think mornings are my best bet.

Saturday was a fun day!  We went to the Wayne Music Festival for a bit and Vienna thought she was the star of the show.  We stayed for about 2 hours and then headed over to Dave's cousin's graduation party where she also got doted on by everyone.

On Sunday my mom came over to get her Vienna fix and Michelle and Alex stopped by too.  Otherwise we spent most of the weekend emptying out the office.  We put together a few boxes of donations, threw out a ton of paperwork and other crap, and moved the rest of the stuff and some furniture up to the spare bedroom.  We still need to get the big leather couch out of there.  It's destined for the burn pit at Midgley Lane!  And we need to take the giant book shelves down.  It felt good to really make some progress in that space though.  I'll share some before pictures when the afters can justify how embarrassing the space looked to start lol.

We closed out week 17 with a Phillies game!  Vienna was cheering and clapping and making friends with every employee at Citizens Bank Park.  She's at such a fun age, she's always so happy (as long as she can run wild and free)!

Look at those curls -->

I can't believe I'm almost half way!

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