Wednesday, September 26, 2012

10K Training: Week 4

victory for voices

Week 4:
- Monday, 3.64 mi with Dave through the park, 42:53
- Wednesday, 1.01 mi up the mountain with Dave and Puddin, 17:03
- Saturday, 2.16 mi down the shore, 21:42, 2 mi walk with the girls, ~1 hour of kayaking
- Total Mileage = 6.91 mi

Week 4 was a success!  After the frustrations of week 3, I knew I wanted to get a nice long run in on Monday.  Dave wasn't really into the distance I wanted to do and I wanted to do a run that I actually enjoyed, so we did a mix of running and some walk breaks.  I felt fabulous throughout, it really was just what I needed.  We even did some sprints at the end!

When we got home from work on Wednesday the dog was running circles around the living room and the idea of running and walking the dog along with other chores we were planning to do sounded like a bit much.  So we decided on a compromise!  Puddin' really isn't a runner, she's getting up there in age and besides, why run when you can stop and smell everything?  So we did a combination of walking and running with her, but it was UP the mountain!  Even though we only did a mile, it kicked my butt!  Hardcore trail running is no joke.

This weekend I was at the shore for a bachelorette party, so just getting out for any type of run was a major victory!  And I got to see scenery like this.


The fitness continued when the whole party headed out for a scavenger hunt that took us on quite a walk through the neighborhood.  And then the real workout happened when we went kayaking in the bay.  It was so much fun and I was sore for days, win!

Did you have a good week?

Monday, September 17, 2012

10K Training: Weeks 2 & 3

victory for voices

Week 2:
- Thursday, 2.0 mi with Dave on the trail, 21:08
- Sunday, 2.42 mi with Dave in Cape May, 24:18
- Total Mileage = 4.42 mi

Week 3: WOMP!

Week 2 (recap I wrote last week and never posted) - The short week kind of threw me off, I missed that extra day to fit in a run. I was supposed to run on Tuesday and then it was raining cats and dogs. Then I told myself I would run Wednesday, but decided relaxing and chatting with my mom after work was more important than fitting in a run before cheer practice. Wednesday night Dave and I decided we were going to get up and run bright and early, but when the alarm went off we both decided that a few extra minutes of sleep were totally worth it. Are you sensing a theme???? When I finished up work on Thursday I knew I was going to do my run no matter what!

On the weekend, I had planned on running on Saturday morning, but by the time I got out of bed it was hot and a cold mimosa sounded way better than a run. It ended up working out for me, because Sunday was much cooler and I actually enjoyed my run. Although the runs haven't been quite as enjoyable as I remember them, I'm not feeling so easy breezy in my runs recently. I just keep telling myself it will get better. It will.

Week 3 – What can I say? I planned on running on Tuesday, I blew it off. I planned on running on Wednesday, I forgot my running stuff (I go straight from work to my parents’ house when I’m coaching). Thursday and Friday I was battling my headache. And the rest of my weekend was dedicated to the bachelorette party, football, and rest and recovery. I was lazy. I didn’t eat well. I was dreading every planned run.

And now I’m putting that week behind me. During my half training, I didn’t hate my runs. I wasn’t dreading them ahead of time. I need to remember how to love running and it started today. Dave and I went for a run in the park, we took it nice and easy, we walked when we needed to, and wouldn’t you know we finished 3.6 miles! I felt great, the weather was perfect, and it was just what I needed! I wish it wasn’t so easy to completely fall of the wagon for an entire week, but oh well. I know healthy living is something that I have to continuously recommit to, so all I can do is plan to do better this week and I started with a bang!

Have you been keeping up with your healthy intentions?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Well Adjusted

Remember when I wrote in my blog consistently?  Yeah, me neither.

The past few weeks have been filled with coaching cheerleading twice a week, trying to fit in my runs (epic fail this week), and planning back to back bachelorette parties.  Add in a big meeting and my yearly review at work, this week was a bit stressful to say the least.  I’m not sure if it was all the stress or maybe it was getting whacked in the face by a cheerleader, but I found myself battling a strange headache at the end of the week.  I would get a sharp stabbing pain in the back of my head for a few seconds and then it would go away like nothing happened.  I dealt with it on Thursday with pain reliever and caffeine and thought a good night of sleep would help me out, but when I woke up on Friday feeling even worse I knew I had to do something about it.  I called out of work and headed to the chiropractor.

I never really knew the benefits of getting adjusted until about two years ago when I was randomly bending over (not even lifting anything) and suddenly felt like a crippled grandma.  My back pain was relieved by regular visits to the chiropractor and boom, I was a believer.  Since then I’ve been going on a semi regular basis and although I don’t go as often as I should, I always feel fabulous when I make time in my schedule to get there.  It doesn’t hurt that my chiropractor is always glowing with positivity and her attitude is contagious!

After getting adjusted I felt immediate relief and was hoping my mysterious flash headaches were gone.  I was still feeling a twinge here and there throughout the rest of the day, but nothing like I was feeling beforehand.  Fortunately my chiropractor is the mother of the bride of the bachelorette party I had yesterday, so after a quick adjustment during the winetasting, I was finally feeling 100%.  I haven’t had any mysterious flash headache pain since, thank goodness!  And the bachelorette party was amazing!

Healthy living blogs have really opened my eyes to the world of alternative medicine.  Obviously doctors, hospitals, and modern medicine are awesome and they will always play a role in my life.  But it’s nice to know that sometimes it’s just a matter of putting my spine back into alignment.

I owe you guys a photo dump, some training updates, and a fun recipe.  Can we please add some hours into the day?!  Maybe just an 8th day into the week, another day in the weekend obviously.  Mmmmkay thanks!

Do you get adjusted?  Have you ever healed an ailment with natural methods?

Monday, September 3, 2012

10K Training: Week 1

victory for voices

After not running for almost a month, I was a little bit rusty but it felt great to get out and start training for my 10K!

Week 1:
- Monday, 1.5 mi, 14:40
- Thursday, 2 mi trail run, 22:00
- Sunday, 2.3 mi with Dave, 24:00
- Total Mileage = 5.8 mi

I really hate running in the heat and I’m definitely not in the shape that I was a few months ago.  It almost feels like I’m starting from scratch, but this time around I have a lot more experience and knowledge to go off of and I know the runs will get better.  The weather will cool down, my body will adjust, and hopefully I can get some group runs in with some of my other friends who signed up for the race!  I sucked a bunch of my friends into doing the 5K and some of them are even shooting for the 10K!  Super pumped!

I'm still logging my miles over at Daily Mile, come be friends with me there!

Do you have any new fitness goals?

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