Monday, August 31, 2015

Ode to Folk Fest, Part 2

This year was the 54th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival and my 7th!  Every year it just keeps getting better.  I love the campgrounds, the music was amazing, the people are my people.  And it didn't rain once, which is a small miracle.  A few years ago I wrote some fun haiku to remember the occasion and here are some more!

Sprinting required
To claim our usual spot
Home sweet home

Wagon fleet ready
Pile it high, not coming back
This is why I train

Thank you kind stranger
Pushing me up the giant hill
Wouldn't have made it

Unrelenting sun
Trying to fry all my friends
But not me, Brown Ber

Loud tequila fool
Sticky booze runs down your chin
Impressive and gross

Now please take a hint
Don't overstay your welcome
Already too late

That glowstick cactus
Trying to dry out the world
One chump at a time

Get so hydrated
Whether you like it or not
Drink water God damnit!

How am I awake?
It must be adrenaline
Cue the face plant nap

Warm cheesy tots, yes!
They make my belly happy
Let's go get some more

Creepy raccoon man
Snuck in our site from the back
What's that in your hand?

"Local, organic"
He chugged our olive oil
Ew, what just happened?!

First rats, now raccoons?
We got a real pest problem
In this neighborhood

Safety first (hydrate)
Teamwork (plus don't be a dick)
Framily - know the rules!

Let's go to the creek
Shoes and booze both required
Watch out for boulders

El Caribefunk
Your late night jams are magical
Please keep coming back

Hello there neighbors
We should be friends in real life
Since we're Fest framily

55th Folk Fest
Already looking forward
Next year, hurry up please

Thanks for these hilarious shots Marion!

Anybody got some haiku skills?!


  1. Loud tequila fool,
    haha that was the best part!
    Great poem, nice job :)

  2. Your haiku is impressive, but I think you have a future in professional mustache modeling.


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