Monday, September 23, 2019

Baby #2: Week 32

Started Week 32 with another 6 am Tuesday gym session.

Kettlebell swings still feel really good, I swung the 26# KB.  I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to Rx the push presses, but I decided to rack the barbell (instead of adding a bunch of bonus cleans to get the bar off the floor) and went for it.  I really had to focus on keeping my core engaged and not slouching into my belly when I had the bar overhead, but I did a good job and didn't have any back pain afterwards.   I'm not doing any dubs and all the rowers were spoken for, so I did 2 miles on the bike and then did 500m on the rower when everyone was doing their second set of dubs.  I finished in 24:31.  The after party was an 8 minute workout of: 20 strict handstand push-ups (L-sit 35# barbell press), 30 dumbbell power snatches (20#), and then max strict handstand push-ups (more L-sit barbell presses), I got 15.  My triceps were sore for days!

Thursday night we had our one and only class at the birth center: First Days at Home.  The purpose of the class was to go over what's normal in the first few days for mom and baby since the birth center sends you home 4-12 hours after birth, as opposed to staying at the hospital for 2-3 days.  Most of the class was a review of stuff we already knew, but it was a great refresher and we also learned that we will be responsible for tracking and reporting certain vital signs for both me and the baby, the birth center will be in touch with us via phone about every 12 hours, and then we will receive a home visit from a nurse 48 hours after birth.

We were the only second time parents in the class and listening to all the new parent questions made me think "oh man, these couples have no idea what is about to happen to them..." LOL but also "we've done this before, we totally got this."  My mom and friends keep telling me that the second time was definitely easier just because you know what to expect and have been through all of it before.  I know this birth and baby might be super different, but I'm feeling really confident.

Even though I stayed up way too late after the class (and Dave woke me up at 4:45 getting up to pee when my alarm was going off at 5:10, ugh!), I was pumped when I saw the workout for Friday.  Last pregnancy, snatching was my jam and I actually PRed my snatch at 110# at 32 weeks

I hadn't done any snatches since my pelvis started bothering me at the beginning of August, but it has been feeling good (other than discomfort from a head sitting on it) and I figured I'd keep it light and stop if anything felt crappy.  No squat snatches for me these days, so I just did 2 power.  Since my max is around 100#, I did 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 75, 80, 85.  I wish I hadn't missed that one jump and went for 90, but whatever.  #85 felt smooth!

(Hit play twice)

I was able to keep this workout pretty much as prescribed.  I used a 70# barbell instead of the dumbbell deadlifts since it's already hard to get low enough for that, let alone dumbbells.  I used the 10# medicine ball for my WBs.  My slowest round was 3:13 and I busted my butt to keep the rest under that.  I was sucking wind after going hard on the rower each time.

On Saturday my mom came over to watch V while Dave and I headed into the city for the day.  I've had the itch to see a musical for a while now and I was getting pretty obsessed with the Hamilton soundtrack, but when I checked the ticket prices a few months ago the cheapest ones were around $400 per ticket!  I laughed and decided I'd see it 10 years from now whenever everyone else forgot about it.  But then a few weeks ago, I got an email saying more tickets had been released and when I checked the prices they weren't completely absurd, so I splurged.

The show was the Forrest Theater, which is beautiful inside but also super old.  I was a little worried about being uncomfortable sitting through the show since I knew the seats were extremely close together, but I was all right until the last few songs.  I was also already prepared to try and use my pregnancy to cut the bathroom line, since I had read that there were only 3 women's bathrooms on the mezzanine level (vs 16 on the lower level) and that the lines get insane to the point of people missing the beginning of the second act from being stuck in the restroom line.  But I aggressively rushed to the bathroom as soon as the first act ended and was one of the first people in line.  Win.

The show was absolutely amazing and everything I hoped it would be!  I had goosebumps and was moved to tears multiple times throughout the production.  It was such a wonderful experience and I'm so glad we went.

Afterwards we went to Sampan for their awesome happy hour specials.  We were worried it would be crowded since it was 5 pm on a Saturday, but somehow we got a seat at the bar immediately and then the single dude next to us left about 10 minutes later.  We started with the Korean BBQ beef satay and the pork potstickers.  Then we tried the kung pao chicken wings, which were amazing!  And the pork bahn mi sandwich was huge and delicious.  We ended with the pork bao buns (gimme all the crispy pork belly!), an order of crab rangoon, and another order of the beef satay, because it melted in your mouth.  Our 7 small plates and Dave's 3 drinks came to $52!

We had a lovely little date in the city.

Before we left, Dave had brought up the bins of NB and 0-3 month clothes so we could finally get the baby laundry started.  I asked my mom if she could throw in a load or two while we were gone if she had time.  When we got home, we found out my mom did ALL of the newborn and 0-3 month laundry!  We still need to launder some odds and ends (car seat covers, random blankets, etc.) but this is such a weight off of my shoulders.

On Sunday we started our day with family photos!  My roommate from college was running a day of mini sessions and I thought it would be nice to get some shots of our little family while we're still just the 3 of us and I also wanted a few maternity shots since this is my last pregnancy.  Jokes on me, because my camera loving ham of a daughter wanted nothing to do with the camera and basically threw a fit the entire time.  We tried to use any tricks we could think of and Connie said we did get some nice shots, but I was definitely disappointed that V was such a little tyrant #toddlerlife.

Who me?

We also finally built the bookshelf I bought for V's room months ago.  When it was delivered, I was worried that it might be too large for the space, but once we took it out of the box I knew it would be fine.  V immediately placed a bunch of her toys in it.  She wanted me to turn on her noise machine, and kissed all her stuff animals so they could go for their naps.

Odds & ends:
  • After sleeping like crap all last week, this week was amazing.  I either slept through the night or woke up only once, and it was magical.
  • My feet and ankles still aren't swollen!  My face is another story.  Womp womp.
  • 4 babies from my Reddit bump group (of 1.3K people) have been born!!!!!  They are all doing well, thank God, but it's making me feel like I should probably get my birth center bag together sooner rather than later.  50 days until my due date, ahhhhhhh :)

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