Friday, April 12, 2013

My April Whole30: Days 11 & 12

Day 11




Sleep (Last Night): 7.5 hours

Workout: Cheer practice which involved spotting tumbling, assisting some stunts, and I'm still working on my back walkover!

Thoughts: I wasn't very hungry when dinner came around but I didn't want to be hungry during practice.  I should've just had a snack or something.  No fruit today.  I was craving something sweet after lunch but after a little while I forgot about it.  I know fruit isn't bad, but I just need to remember that fruit shouldn't replace veggies on my plate.  I need to get more veggie in my life.

Day 12






Definitely SWYPO, 2 bananas (1 frozen, 1 fresh) mashed
up with coconut flakes and cocoa powder!

Sleep (Last Night): 6.5 hours and it sucked

Workout: Does shopping count?

Thoughts: My boss brought in donuts and coffee since we had a big deadline.  I decided to indulge in a big cup of steaming black java and let me tell you, I was feeling wired!  It was actually pretty great with all the work I had to do today.  I wasn't really hungry in the morning (probably because of the coffee) so I ate my breakfast around 10:30 and then sorta skipped lunch.  I was busy and still feeling pretty full from the frittata, it wasn't until I left work around 5:30 that I finally felt hungry.  Tonight we completely ditched our meal plan and leftovers for one of my favorites, Chipotle!  My bowl consisted of carnitas (aka pork, the only meat that isn't cooked in soybean oil), mild and medium salsa, lettuce, and extra guac.  I love avocados!  I do miss cheese and sour cream, but my burrito bowl was very tasty.

And now I'm beat!  I need to catch up on some sleep, I'm dreaming of a nap in the sun tomorrow.  Happy Friday :)

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Do you have any fun weekend plans?


  1. Coffee gave me a huge buzz this morning, I haven't had any since I got sick on Monday and today I'm buzzed.

  2. Nice job eating out! Love the new profile pic too!

  3. Oh yeah I was going to say the same the new profile pic!!!


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