Monday, April 15, 2013

My April Whole30: Days 14 & 15

Day 14




 Half of those... nom nom!

Sleep (Last Night): 9.5 hours and it was glorious!

Workout: Rest day

Thoughts:  I attended a bridal shower, the meal was pretty compliant (I avoided the cheesy bacon potatoes, small victory!) but apparently I couldn't control myself when dessert time came.  I wrote a bit about this yesterday, but I think the big takeaway is that dessert is a slippery slope for me!

I didn't feel bloated or crappy immediately after the meal so I thought the cheats didn't have a huge impact, but I wasn't in the clear yet.  It wasn't until I got into bed that my stomach started to hurt.  I laid in bed, trying to fall asleep, but my tummy ache kept me uncomfortably awake.  I cannot keep doing this to myself.

Day 15





Sleep (Last Night): 7.75 hours

Workout:  My first CrossFit group class!  Our gym offers a free week of classes after your On-Ramp class to check it out before making any financial commitments.  Tonight Dave and I worked on our snatching technique.  The WOD was 30 snatches for time aka "Isabell."  I lifted 35 lbs and completed the workout in 3:42.  I wish I had put more weight on my bar, but I wasn't sure about making it through 30 rounds with anything more and the coach emphasized starting with a lower weight and really perfecting my technique.  We also stayed for the mobility workout which involved stretching and foam rolling.

Thoughts:  Oooooh we're halfway there!  (Ooooh livin' on a prayer!)  April is flying by!  I felt pretty great today.  I didn't feel like I needed coffee, my meals were very tasty, and now Monday is over!

How was your Monday?


  1. Desserts are slippery slopes for me too!
    Those avocados look amazing...mmmmm.
    HALFWAY :)

  2. 9.5 hours of sleep!? I'm sooo jealous. Maybe one day in my future once the gremlin-children fly the coop.

  3. Love the Bon Jovi reference. Desserts/sweets are definitely my weakness, too. It's a tough one to get past!

  4. Please tell me that you have your co-workers bring you back a side of pickles from their wawa lunch run haha.

  5. I would have been the exact same with those desserts in front of me....they are my weakness... Xx

  6. Oh favourite meal! I love those avocados!!

  7. Your avocados look delicious! Is it bacon, avocado and balsamic? I need to try that!!

    1. They are so delicious!


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