Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My April Whole30: Day 3





Workout:  20 minute hike with Puddin'

Sleep (Last Night):  7.75 hours

Thoughts:  I went out to lunch with two of my bosses and another coworker after a meeting.  I ordered the bruschetta chicken sandwich, hold the bread and cheese.  It came with a side of zucchini, onions, and tomatoes.  I don't know what the chicken was marinated in, if the bruschetta was made with non compliant oil, or what the veggies were cooked in.  I just couldn't bring myself to ask the waiter and make myself "that customer" in front of my bosses (but apparently I didn't feel awkward enough not to take a picture of my meal lol).  Moving on... I'm becoming really into sweet potatoes.  It's so funny when you end up loving a food you used to "not like" (aka did I ever really give it a chance in the first place?), for me this includes onions, cream cheese, and now sweet potatoes!  I felt pretty tired and blah right before lunch but I was also sitting through a thrilling two and a half hour meeting, so I don't know if that was food related.  Otherwise I felt good today!

Have you ever realized you loved a food that you hated for years?


  1. I had the blah feeling today too! I'm loving melted coconut butter on sweet potatoes right now :)

  2. No blah feeling yet, in fact I'm buzzing today (day 4), I can't think straight! My food is sweet potato, on their own i just can't do it...the taste (and I LOVE food). I'm giving Kristen's coconut butter idea a whirl and see how that goes, maybe I just need to eat it more...oh boy I'm going before I start rambling (told ya...I'm buzzing) :)

  3. I can't believe how much I love mushrooms and brussels sprouts now. I used to avoid them like the plague, and now I can't get enough! Funny how things change. :)

  4. I used to hate onions, but now I love, whether cooked or raw. But I will NEVER get over the horror of the liver & onions dish my grandma used to force on me. That's borderline child abuse. I shoulda reported her.

  5. I hate being that customer! Last Whole30 I had to do offsite training for work at a facility that had a cafeteria on site. It was so awkward asking the cooks which veggies were not cooked in seed oil in front of my coworkers. Thank goodness for salad bars!


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