Saturday, April 6, 2013

My April Whole 30: Day 6



Late Afternoon Coffee:



Sleep (Last Night):  7.5 hours, but woke up naturally at 7:30 am

Workout:  I went to the Y and did a mixture of walking, jogging, and sprinting on the indoor track.  Then I did some arms and abs and lots of stretching.  My hips are sore from yoga on Thursday!  Soon after getting home from the gym my friend Kimber called to set up a walking date in the park.  Our friend Christine came to join us and our crew was completed by Max, Kimber's almost one year old, and Puddin'.  The sun was shining and the chatter was non stop.  It was great to catch up, get some exercise, and enjoy the weather.

Thoughts:  Tonight we went out to The Local, a small restaurant serving local ingredients with a menu that changes seasonally.  We ordered a lump crap appetizer, which was listed as being served on rye rounds but they put it on some tomato slices per our request.  My entree was grassfed beef medallions in a chimmichurri sauce with beets and carrots (and chickpeas that I didn't eat).  The beef was delicious and extremely tender.  And I liked the beets more than I thought I would.  That being said, my stomach wasn't so sure about the meal and I ended up with quite the tummy ache.  I'm going to go ahead and guess there was something non compliant in my meal.  Maybe it was the little bit of cream sauce served on the plate under the appetizer, or maybe a non compliant oil in my dinner... but something didn't agree with me. I'm looking forward to experimenting in May and figuring out what gives me this feeling... so I can avoid it!

Today was also the first day I had any coffee. I was craving a flavored beverage and knew the caffeine wouldn't be a bad thing when driving home semi late at night.  I didn't feel any crazy rush or anything from it though.  I'm going to continue to keep my coffee intake to a minimum, but I think it will continue to be a once in a while thing.

...Just reread this post and now I'm wondering if the coffee was actually the offender... hmmm something to think about!

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Did you prefer to workout outside or in a gym?


  1. Yay I love that you linked everyone! Dinner looks amazing... I get sore from yoga too... What's up with that? Haha!

  2. Thanks for linking to me! Your dinner looks amazing, sorry your stomach got upset.

  3. Yummy! I need to start linking everyone too :) How fun to get together and walk with friends.

  4. I love working out in the outdoors, I can get distracted in the gym. Hhmmm I wonder if it was the coffee, I love the trial and error thing when working out what 'works' with your a big science experiment :)

  5. It very well could have been the coffee . . . some people's stomachs can be quite sensitive to it. Have a great day!


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