Thursday, April 25, 2013

April Whole30: Week 4.5 Meal Plan

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning, so I figured I might as well take the whole day off and prep for the weekend.  I went to the grocery store on my way home from cheer practice and I'm going to make and prep everything I can tomorrow, so I can spend my time at the beach relaxing and not slaving away in the kitchen, but also get to enjoy some special vacation eats!

Munchies for the Weekend


I'm not going to lie, a lot of those are definitely sex with your pants on!  (And there may even be some sugar sneaking into my food this weekend disguised as maple syrup, honey, and bacon... shhhh don't tell anybody!)  Every time I'm at the beach, even just for a weekend, I treat each trip like a special vacation.  The beach is a very indulgent place between daytime cocktails, Dave's mom's delicious cooking, and the seafood feasts!  So these Paleo treats are my compromise.  I'm not going to drink, I'm not going to eat any pizza from my favorite shop, and I'm not going to munch on chips... but I will not be feeling deprived.
  • Dinner:  Kielbasa, sauerkraut, and some sauteed squash and zucchini
  • Breakfast:  The same as Saturday, maybe some banana "pancakes" (aka mashed banana, egg, and cinnamon)
  • Lunch:  Leftovers, go out to eat, or we may end up going out Saturday and making the meatloaf on Sunday, we'll see!
  • Dinner:  Kabobs on the grill with chicken (that will be marinating at home over the weekend in Easy Chili Lime Marinade), onions, peppers, and mushrooms
Wednesday - Time to reintroduce dairy!  According to the Whole30 reintroduction protocol, as outlined in It Starts With Food, Day 31 you should reintroduce dairy.  Eat compliant other than adding various dairy products to your meals to see exactly how dairy affects you.  I'm thinking some cream in my coffee, a greek yogurt, and some cheese.  Then you eat clean for 2 days and try something else.  I'm really hoping to do better than last time.  I need to keep meal planning so I don't find myself stuffing my face with 3 slices of pizza.

What do you have planned for the weekend?  Do you indulge on vacation or weekend trips?


  1. Have a great time at the shore! You're going to have such wonderful weather for it! :)

  2. Those green apple coconut bites look amazing!!! Have a great trip. Your plan of paleo treats is good IMO.

  3. Paleo treats seem like a good balance to indulge while you're on your trip. You've made it this far, and you have a healthy attitude about the whole thing.

    I think we do a decent job of balancing indulgences and healthy eats when we travel. Usually Hulk & I will decide beforehand how we want to handle it. It helps keep each other accountable!

  4. I don't mind indulging on vacations--especially if there's something special to eat that I normally wouldn't have access to or something. Have a great weekend!!

  5. I love your weekend munchies! Short weekend trips are great! Long trips often cause anxiety in preparation for the trip, catching up on work after the trip, etc., so I really enjoy more frequent short trips!

  6. I don't indulge on holidays but I do loosen the guidelines a bit, all in moderation :-)

  7. i need to make those coconut apple bites.... yummmmmie....
    enjoy your week... your food polan looks fab xx

  8. Oooo. Coconut Macaroons. My stomachs must acquire those.

  9. I'm always a fan of prepping in advance. It can save so much time! I find that I always indulge when I'm on vacation - sometimes a little too much!


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