Saturday, April 6, 2013

My April Whole30: Day 5






Sleep (Last Night): 7.5 hours

Workout:  15 minute hike with Puddin'

Thoughts:  Free hoagies, potato salad, and cookies at work today.  Someone also brought in coconut cream Hershey kisses.  "Oh just have one, it's just one bite."  Come on people!

Did you notice my snack?  It was a spin off of this recipe, but I made mine whole30 compliant by using prosciutto instead of bacon (great sub!) and ghee instead of butter.  My version looks a little sad compared to the link because I tried to make it as quickly as possible with some help from the microwave.  I probably could've used some more prosciutto as well... next time!  My neighbor made the original recipe for us a few months ago and it's become one of our favorite snacks!  If you like avocado (and I know everybody likes bacon) you have to try it!

Dinner came out great!  I was so busy serving the meal and so excited to eat that I completely forgot to snap a shot!  The picture above is of our leftovers.  Having Shayna and Kyle over for dinner was wonderful and they were so kinda as to abstain from alcohol for the night and bring fruit salad for dessert!  I topped mine with some coconut for a little extra something something and it hit the spot.

5 down, 25 to go!

How do you handle temptation when your surroundings keep pushing it in your face?


  1. I have tea jealousy lol. Yum! Great job dealing with work time foods. The fruit salad looks delish too. Have a great weekend!

  2. Temptations at work are the worst! I try and remind myself to step back and really assess if I want whatever food is being offered. Do I really want a cookie that came packaged from a store? Or would I rather wait until I get home and have my own dessert that I make myself? That usually helps.

    I guess I'm the only one that doesn't like bacon, huh? ;)

  3. Thanks for having us :) Everything was delicious and it was great to see you two. PS clogging is amazing.


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