Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My April Whole30: Day 2




That's Cassie, my parents' Puddin' twin!

Workout:  I had cheer practice tonight which involved spotting tons of back handsprings.  Sometimes I wonder if my right arm is becoming stronger than the left just from spotting tumbling! Maybe I should try and mix up the side I spot from.  I also did a lot of random lifting throughout the practice while helping the girls stunt.  I completed my mild workout with some back bends and working on kicking over.  I'm trying to learn how to do a back walkover... never too late right?

Sleep (Last Night): 7.5 hours

Thoughts:  I wanted to eat more for breakfast today, but I forgot my hard boiled eggs and I really didn't have time at work anyway.  I wasn't starving or anything though.  Still no coffee, going strong!  I thought I was getting a headache a few hours after lunch, but after I ate the box of raisins I felt fine.  Ended up eating eggs for dinner.  My mom's meal was completely Paleo but not Whole30 compliant.  I could've added veggies, but I was feeling lazy.  Eggs are so easy!

I'm loving my meal plan!  Although I think I may have to cook some more chicken or think of a substitute in my curry soup, I'm not sure yet.  Day 2, feeling good.

Have you learned any new tricks lately?


  1. I love those lara bars and your lunch salad thingy looks awesome. Yay for day 2 and feeling good girl. I derailed my 2nd whole 30 a few days ago and have been feeling horrible ever since. No idea why I fell off the wagon, the first whole 30 was pretty easy. Tomorrow is back to day 1 for me. Your blog will keep me inspired!

  2. Gosh my meal plan is getting me through and taking the 'thinking' of food out of my mind. I am also not feeling too carb fluey so yay!

  3. Off to a great start!! For some reason, seeing that box of raisins now has me craving them. Weird. :)

  4. I tried out gymnastics once ... right after I graduated college. This "old lady" in line with a bunch of spritely 14-year olds. It was so much fun!

    Good to hear the food is working for you. Looks yummy! Or maybe it's just lunch time ... yup, lunch time! :)


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