Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Feeling Inspired!

I always try to eat pretty healthy, but I really tried to clean things up when I was sick.  I loaded up on veggies and fruit, chugged OJ like it was my job, and even took a multivitamin.  And had one of these bad boys:

This green monster was composed of two frozen bananas, a little bit of berry smoothie mix, a nice handful of spinach, some OJ, ice, and amazing grass.  My sister had the grass and I thought, hey if I can't ever taste the spinach then why not just throw some of this in there.  It didn't ruin the smoothie or anything but it was definitely not as sneaky as the spinach!  And PS the pattern of the glass makes this one look extra gross, oops.

I really believe my diet was the reason I didn't feel bad while I had my cold.  I definitely had all the symptoms of a cold, but I never got that super sluggish body ache.  Since then I've been inspired.  I went to the grocery store after work yesterday and left with some produce, some Chobani, and some healthy snacks to bring to work.  Before bed I cooked up some of the veggies for today's epic lunch.  I made a sandwich with peppers, onions, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, avocado, a little cheddar, and some red hot.  It was amazing!  And I made enough veggies to eat it again later in the week.

And my clean eating quest continued today when I took my first trip to the one and only...

I was excited to check it out because I had wanted to go there for a while but it just never happened.  My excitement was confirmed when I saw this outside...

Trader Joe's was hopping.  I did some laps around the smallish store while checking everything out and trying to find everything I was looking for.  Two different employees stopped to help me out without me even asking and I got a free reusable grocery bag when I told the cashier it was my first time here.  Tonight's dinner was Trader Joe's heat and eat falafel's.

We stuffed ours in some wheat pitas with some feta, hummus, tzatziki sauce, cucumber, tomato, and lettuce.  I thought it was super delicious but Dave wasn't quite as excited about it.  I think he would've preferred some gyro meat, but I'm glad he's always down to try new things, and I don't think he completely hated it.  On a side note, I ate meatless today, yay.

My motivation continued with a trip to the gym last night after coaching.  My friend Tami just got a membership to good old Planet Fitness and wanted me to show her the machines in the circuit.

Monday's Workout:
1.75 mi walk/run on the treadmill - 22 minutes
Machines in the circuit plus step work in between - 35 minutes
Abductor and adductor machines - 5 minutes
Stretch - 5 minutes

I felt so great leaving the gym, I will definitely be going back tomorrow or Thursday night.  Or maybe even both!  Yeah we'll see about that one haha.  Tonight is movie night, watching Easy A with the boyfriend.  Goodnight!

Do you share my love for Trader Joe's?


  1. Love, love, LOVE Trader Joe's. Their little quiches are easy and delicious and we got a bunch of things there for the formal party (spanakopita and all ingredients for baked brie included) and I love the energy/feel there. Fun :)

  2. I've also officially started the green monster smoothies! My cousin (who is a super work out/health nut) makes hers with spinach, one whole granny smith apple (she says the more the better) and other fruits. That's on my list for tomorrow - I'll let you know how it is!
    I have yet to try out Trader Joe's - but my dad loves it so I'm sure it's great. I did score some great tzatziki sauce the other day at the one and only Giant. LOVE it!

  3. I have a mild obsession with Trader Joe's. Like I go there once a week obsession, woot! Their chicken burgers and tomatoe-less corn salsa are amazing! I have yet to try the green monster and now I'm really intrigued. I'm putting a food processor on the registry, officially. Did you use a blender to make yours?

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies <3

    H - I use my parents blender. It's pretty simple, but I will definitely do a smoothie how to post in the near future :)


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