Thursday, September 29, 2011

Better Than Nothing

I believe something is better than nothing.  A better than nothing workout.  A better than nothing dog walk.  A better than nothing house cleaning.  Sometimes things get pushed off because they seem like such large tasks, but I believe putting a few minutes into something is better than nothing!

Wednesday's Workout:
Better than nothing arms lifting sesh in my room with my 10 pounders - 15 minutes
- Bicep curls
- Shoulder press
- Lateral raises
- One arm row
- Tricep kickbacks
- Tricep extension
- Upright row
Check out this website if you ever need any idea of what to do with your dumbbells!  I love the little animations when you roll over each exercise.  I don't know how many reps of each, usually somewhere between 8 and 15.  It depends on the exercise because some are easy with that weight, some are really hard.  I usually just try to push myself until I'm tired and then I'll do 2 or 3 sets.  I also did some push ups, tricep dips, and a little step work between to get my heart pumping.  It sounds like a lot now that I typed it all out, but I just busted it out quick and was glad that I did something!

Tonight's Workout:
2.5 mi run - 25 minutes
I didn't walk at all!  There's no shame in doing a walk/run mix, and I actually prefer that on the treadmill, gotta love those intervals.  But, I haven't done a run without walk breaks in a while, and it was pretty quick.  I was flying in the beginning, slowed way down when I had to run up a hill in the middle, and then I really pushed myself at the end.  I did sorta feel like I was going to vom my Chipotle in the seconds after I finished (tmi?), but the feeling quickly passed and I was just so proud of actually pushing myself!

This weekend my cheerleaders have their first competition.  Tonight, their last practice before comp, they looked the best they have yet... and one of our flyers broke her ankle.  It was on such a routine stunt, she just rolled her ankle and bam.  I always heard about this stuff happening to other squads, and now in my 11th year of coaching, here we are.  It is what it is, the girls will perform everything as is, with her group just marking through their stunts (what else can we do?  I'm not changing their routine in the parking lot before they go on!) but it is such a major bummer.

Anyway, tomorrow is FRIDAY.  Thank goodness!  My weekend will involve a hair curling party for my girls, their competition, a ladies night with some dinner and vino, and a relaxing Sunday.  Oh and I can't forget to spend my 30 bucks of Kohl's cash that expires this weekend!  Win.

Happy Almost Friday :)

Do you do any tasks with a better than nothing mentality?

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