Saturday, September 10, 2011

Exercise, Shoes, and Day 1

For the record... I did go on the run I said I would on Thursday.

Thursday's workout:
2 mi walk/run on the treadmill - 23 mins

Friday's workout:
Walk the pooch - 20 min

I got some more exercise Friday by walking the mall!  Since I've been jobless, I've been trying to live extra frugal so I haven't really been shopping.  But now I know there's a paycheck in my future so I went out and spent some moolah on myself.  My loot included a pair of jeans and a plain brown T - trying to stock up on some basics.And then there was DSW...

If you've never been there, please remedy this ASAP!  It is an amazing place.  Friday I skipped browsing the rest of the store and headed straight back to the clearance.  I left with a pair of brown tweed flats (hello office chic) and a pair of Adidas sneaks.  I didn't even know DSW sold sneakers but here these were in the clearance section for less than $50!

They are Adidas Oscillation sneaks, and definitely the closest I've come to a minimalist shoes... they feel completely different from my old ultra padded Nikes.  They are so lightweight and let my feet breathe.  I love them so far.

Anyway the rest of the weekend I was a lump exercise wise aside from walking Dave's parents' saint bernard!  I guess I was just trying enjoy the calm before the storm.  I started my new job today and it went really well but I am soooo overdone and exhausted.  I need to get back into a real schedule and get to bed way earlier.  On that note, I'm off to bed... more on my new job later!

Do you stay true to one sneaker brand or do you bounce around?

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  1. So glad your first day went well! I'm sure you'll get back into the swing of things in no time. I was going to ask if you went and got new work attire haha.

    I love me some ADIDAS and the shoes I got also feel really light and bouncy which is definitely great when you're trying to push through that last 10 minutes. PS- I'm going to the gym early bird from now on so you should meet Kristen Boice and I there around 7:15 if time allots!


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