Thursday, September 8, 2011

Workouts & Big News

So one the original reasons I started this blog was to hold myself accountable for my workouts and healthy eating.  I've been slacking on that... just a little bit...

Today's Workout:
Walked Puddin' - 15 mins
Strength Training (Arms) - 20 mins
Abs and Back - 20 mins
Elliptical - 10 mins

I probably burned some more calories helping various groups at cheer practice, but we'll just count that as a bonus.  Tomorrow I'm planning a morning run.  Now it's in writing, I gotta do it!

I have BIG news!  I received a verbal job offer today!  I should be getting an email with the formal offer tomorrow.  Yay!  I'm so excited.  And I'll be making a significant amount more than my last job, so I guess everything does happen for a reason.  I may be starting as early as Monday!  I'm definitely excited to get back to work and back into more of a schedule, but I'm really not looking forward to getting up early.  I think I'll survive.

Do you have any waking up tips?  How do you keep your health habits in check?


  1. Here are my waking up tips ... Get Motivated to Get Moving.

    I am terrible at waking up in the morning - unless of course it's thundering loudly, which happened to me last night!

    So proud of you - congrats on the new job and workouts - I need to get back into it, once I have some free time!!

  2. A- I am so proud of you! I bet you blew them out of the water with your interview and all your experience. Time to bust out that sweet business work attire again...I hear Second Ave calling our names :-)

    My best "waking up" tips usually involve exercising the day before so my body is tired enough for a good night's sleep, relaxing before bed by doing something non-electronic (I've read this can actually stimulate your brain) so I usually read, sketch, write, or do a word search....#dork haha. And this last one is going to be weird but if I plan what I'm going to eat for breakfast it actually gets me out of bed easier. Hope this helps. Good luck and keep me posted!

  3. So excited for you! I think the biggest thing to help get up early is going to bed at a decent time. We've been staying up late and all I want to do in the morning is stay in bed. It's an obvious one, but I think setting a 10:00 or even 10:30 bedtime would make it so much easier.


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