Sunday, September 25, 2011

Movie Date & Week Updates

My second week of work is in the books, it went very well.  I'm starting to get into the big project I will be spending most of my time on and I've been getting to know my coworkers.  Tuesday night Dave and I went out with our friend Rachel to see Contagion at the new theater in Collegeville called the Movie Tavern.

What's special about the Movie Tavern is that they have a full service bar!

You can bring your drink from the bar into the theater.  They had a ton of yummy margarita flavors, I got strawberry.

You also have a waiter who serves you drinks and dinner inside the theater.

It sounds great... except we went to see a movie about people getting sick and dying... probably not the best dinner and a movie choice!  Our food arrived right when everyone started to bite the dust and I immediately lost my appetite!  Poor planning!  Overall the theater was pretty sweet though.  The drinks were tasty, semi expensive but not too bad.  The food was kind of expensive for what you got, and I'd say tasted ok.  The highlight of the theater was the amazingly huge seats.  They were extremely comfy and even reclined a little.  Also the prices for the tickets weren't bad, cheaper than the other theaters in the area.  The waiters walking in during the movie weren't really a bother, but it was a Tuesday night so it was definitely pretty empty.  I'm not sure how a Saturday night would be.  I think I would go back to enjoy the seats and just get some drinks, maybe I'd get a snack but probably not a full dinner.

As for the movie... it was intense!  I really liked it but it also kinda freaked me out.  And wouldn't you know the next morning I wake up with a cold.  I was just like... really????  I am not germaphobic whatsoever... and I rarely get sick so I just couldn't believe it.  So I overloaded my body with fruit, OJ, liquids, some Emergen-C, and lots of rest.  Despite my nose running, I actually felt pretty good.  I never got that awful body ache feeling.  Now I'm on the road to recovery!

This week was pretty light for exercise.  Honestly, I did a better than nothing workout with some pushups, tricep dips, and some free weight exercises (overhead press, bicep curl) in my bedroom one night, but otherwise the week was full of rest.  I'm still hoping to get back into a more regular workout routine, hopefully at least something more consistent this week.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  I'm hoping to watch the Giants shutdown the Eagles so I can rub it in Dave's face all week.  Happy Sunday!

How do you beat a cold?  Do you have any good home remedies?

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