Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hey Hey! What's Happening?

Well it's been a month and a half since I posted in ye old blog, so I thought I'd pop in and give you guys an update!

At the end of September we spent 11 days in Italy checking out Florence, Orvieto, Rome, Positano, and Naples.  It was amazing!  I planned it all myself and everything seemed to work out wonderfully.  We stuffed our faces, walked 98 miles (I just added this up and holy shit!), and drank so much wine that I legitimately got sick of it.  We saw the David, climbed 463 steps to the top of the duomo, drank wine in an Italian villa with the owner of the winery, went on VIP tours of the Vatican and the Colosseum, enjoyed the unbelievable views of Positano, and ate 3 pizzas in one day in Naples.  It was fabulous.  I took over 2500 photos and frankly I've been avoiding them because they are so overwhelming!

I started PT at the end of August and was cleared to come back to CrossFit a few weeks later in mid September.  As directed, I took it pretty easy coming back, but I also found it hard to get motivated, especially right before vacation.  Then we went to Italy and after I got back, I was discharged from PT with no remaining pain!  My first workout after vacation was Fran and it was nasty.  Now I'm working on getting back into the groove.  I thought I lost a lot of my strength, but I'm finding that most of my lifts are coming back really quickly.  My endurance is another story.  I've definitely been feeling super winded lately (and I've even had a few dry heave finishes...) but I know the only way to help myself is to consistently workout.

My diet sucks.  The scale has slowly but surely been going up since the end of August and going to Italy obviously didn't help.  I did a Whole10 at the end of October, which debloated my tummy and really got me excited, until the next week where I gained back all 7 lbs that I lost.  Halloween, friendsgivings, and football... oh my!  My clothes don't fit very well and I find myself avoiding some of my favorite outfits because they are so unflattering.  Big time WOMP.  Coincidentally my gym is starting a 4 week challenge tomorrow!  You earn points based on eating whole foods, hitting the gym, and getting lots of sleep.  It's not as rigid as a Whole30 and there's even a 2 hour cheat window each week (yay Thanksgiving).  I think it's just what I need right now. 

It's seriously weird not running off to cheer practice 3 days a week.  On one hand, I love having time to cook dinner, walk the dog, and go to the gym in the evening if I blow off my 5:15 am alarm.  But on the other hand, there's this void that leaves me feeling really low when I think of all that I'm missing:  the coaches, the kids, the excitement, the hard work, the challenge, the victory.  After 15 years... my fall just feels kind of incomplete without it.

Throwback from 2000, my first year of coaching!

We adopted a new pup yesterday!  Her name is Carmela and she's a 8 month old pit boxer mix.  We weren't really planning on adding to our family until after the holidays, but when I saw this little face on the Pitties.Love.Peace facebook page, I knew we had to meet her!  The adoption was riding on how Butler felt about her, but their first meeting was great and they're romping around the living room as I type.  I'm so happy she's a part of our family now!

I hope to get back to blogging on a more regular schedule, so see ya soon :)

What's new and exciting in your world?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Our Honeymoon Recap Part 7: Saying Goodbye

Dave and I returned from Italy one week ago!  Our trip was amazing and I took over 2000 pictures.  I promise I will not take over a year to post about the highlights of our trip.  However, I need to finish out Nicaragua first!  So finally after almost a year and a half, here is the final installment of Our Honeymoon Recap!

We woke up the next morning intending on doing yoga one more time, but after sitting on the platform for a few minutes we realized it didn't take place on that day of the week.  Bummer!  We decided to drink some champagne instead...

After hanging out on the beach for a little while, we grabbed some snorkeling equipment and decided to explore a little.  I had never snorkeled before and I found it to be super uncomfortable.  I decided I wasn't into it and had a smoothie on the beach instead.  I'll figure out how to snorkel when we go to Hawaii...

Eventually it was time to leave, so we packed our bags and hopped in our cab along with our new friends Glen and Andrea since we were both headed to the capital, Managua.  But first we went to check out a giant market in Masaya.  When we pulled up to the market our car was surrounded by a crowd of men wanting to guide us around the market.  At first I was very turned off, but eventually we ended up with one man, who in hindsight was very important since the market was like a maze and none of us spoke Spanish very well.

We wandered around the overwhelming market and found some beautiful souvenirs.  I wish I took some pictures of the market, but I think I was just too overwhelmed and trying not to draw any more attention to myself.

After we were finished, we headed into the capital.  Soon we were saying goodbye to Glen and Andrea and promising we'd stay in touch (spoiler alert, we didn't do a good job).  After we dropped them off, we headed to our hotel.  The city wasn't quite as scenic as the rest of our trip and I started to worry that we may have made a mistake staying here for the night.  I was relieved when we arrived at our hotel and it was both secure (hello giant wall with barbed wire on top) and beautiful.

I was pretty exhausted from our travels, so I resisted Dave's request to go out for dinner.  When he took a lap around the block and found multiple casinos and a few people trying to sell him drugs, he agreed and we ordered some mediocre delivery.  I was ready to go home!

The next morning we had a nice breakfast and headed off to the airport for another long day of travel, made longer by an awful experience in the Miami airport.  Let's just say I had something we now refer to as the Miami Meltdown... but my husband still loved me afterwards! We had a wonderful honeymoon and I would recommend Nicaragua to anybody who wants a little adventure off the beaten path!

The end :)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Our Honeymoon Recap Part 6: Exploring

Well I should be packing... or sleeping, but I felt compelled to drop some pictures into this post and get it online!  I feel like I should probably finish recapping Nicaragua before we go on our next trip ;)

The 6th day of our honeymoon started with another delicious breakfast buffet.  Dave skipped yoga, but I went and enjoyed another class with a view.  We spent the rest of the morning on the beach at the resort before deciding to hike into the neighboring town with our new friends Glen and Andrea.

The hike into Playa Gigante was fairly easy, on a path through the woods.  When we got into town the beach views were amazing.

We walked around a little when we first arrived.  The town was small with a few restaurants and bars, full of a mix of locals and gringo surfers.

We stopped and had a few drinks at a random bar and happened to run into the fun bartender from our resort on his day off.  I really wish I remembered his name.  We ended up hanging out with him all day!  Dave also struck up a conversation with a gentleman who turned out to be a former diplomat who gave him some really nice cigars.  There was a taco stand right next to this bar that our friends got food from, but I wasn't hungry.  I still regret not getting those tacos!

We wandered around some more and went to another bar where we met up with another couple we had met at the resort.  We stuck out like sore thumbs there so we didn't stay long.  We ended up at a really neat bar right on the beach.  A bunch of locals and surfers were all gathered to watch a soccer game on tv and the drinks were flowing!

Andrea and I spent a bunch of time on the beach.  The sand was super hot but the water was very rough, so we spent our time alternating between.  They had a slack line out front and a few of the surfer guys came out to show us how it was done.  I couldn't walk across that thing if my life depended on it!

After we hiked back into town, we got seriously close to some monkeys!

Next we freshened up and got ready for our dinner at Mukuls.  The hotel had arranged a taxi for us for the 15 minute ride.  When we arrived at the resort, it seriously felt like we were at Jurassic Park because of the large extravagant gate at the entrance!  They took our IDs at the gate and we rode up to the front of the resort.  As soon as the car door opened, we knew we had arrived in the lap of luxury.  The resort was breathtaking.  We were lead through the entrance, each staff member more polite than the next.  The dining room hadn't opened yet, so they sat us in a beautiful lobby area where we ordered some delicious drinks.

Soon after we were sat in the open air portion of the restaurant with a wonderful beach view.  Our waiter was fabulous.  He was extremely nice, made great suggestions, and brought us a bottle of wine on the house.  We started our meal trying not to fill up on the tasty bread.  Next we ordered appetizers.  I had a cold dish with scallops from the bay served with red onion and goat cheese.  It was unique and delightful.  For my entree I enjoyed a medley of shrimp, clams, and crab meat in a rich sauce.  It was so decadent!  The meal was just wonderful.  I'm so glad we received the tip to go there.

After we wrapped up our dinner, Dave wanted to take a peek in the cigar shop.  I sat in the lobby and decided to take advantage of the wifi.  A friend had let me know that the PE (professional engineering exam) results were in for April.  I took the 8 hour exam a month before our wedding, like a crazy person, and I really wasn't sure I had passed.  I debated whether I actually wanted to know the results, but then curiosity got the best of me.  When I finally got my log in and password right, the webpage surprised me with a little green PASS.  I couldn't believe it!  I was seriously in shock.  Did I really pass?!  I took a screen shot of the results so I could pull it up at any point, just to be sure that sweet little PASS was still there.  What an incredible discovery on such a special night of our honeymoon!

Unfortunately, after dinner something did not agree with my tummy.  I honestly think it was most likely the ice from my cocktails in town during the day.  I could not imagine the food at that amazing resort making my stomach so upset.  The rest of the night was a little rough, but it could've been worse.

One more recap left... Part 7

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