Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January Whole30(+5): Days 6 - 10

Day 6, Saturday 1/14/17 - After a wonderful 9 hours of sleep, Dave cooked us an omelet with onions, peppers, and prosciutto for breakfast.  We tagged team lunch and it came out great.  I have no idea how I was still tired, but I guess the Whole30 timeline is true.  Days 6 and 7 are "I just want a nap" so I didn't feel any shame about enjoying another hour of sleep on the couch.  I threw the pork I marinated last night in the oven mid afternoon so Dave would have dinner while I went out with the girls for sushi!  I knew almost everything on the menu would be iffy so I kept it simple and got a sashimi entree and brought my own coconut aminos and la croix.  My entree came with a salad that I topped with a squeeze of lime and the aminos, it was just ok.  The fish was amazing though and it was a great night out with friends.

Day 7, Sunday 1/15/17 - Even though I got another 9 hours of sleep, I still felt like a sloth all day.  I forced myself to be somewhat productive and take all the decorations off the Christmas tree (finally).  I kind of felt like I was hungry all day, but I'm not sure if I was actually hungry or just bored.  Either way, I kept all my snacking compliant.  Dinner was AMAZING.  I want to post a full recipe for the cubano loaded fries, but for now just promise me you'll make the mojo pork and pile it on top of homemade fries.  Do it!  The dijon I was going to use ended up having sugar in it, so I made a chipotle mayo instead and it went great.

Day 8, Monday 1/16/17 - I slept like crap and woke up multiple times during the night.  I felt kind of blah at the gym.  The strength was cleans, I picked squat cleans instead of power since I haven't done them in a while, and they felt heavier than normal at 95 lbs.  The WOD was a 9 minute AMRAP of thrusters (at 75 lbs, ew) and chest to bar pull ups.  I was really struggling with getting my chest to touch the bar every time and combined with the thrusters, it was not my favorite.  Open prep is so fun.  My pants definitely fit better today.  Praise the Lord!  Dave fired up the grill for our steaks and we ate dinner pretty early, so it was easy to get to bed early too.

Day 9, Tuesday 1/17/17 - 8 hours of sleep, so good!  I made an easy chia pudding for breakfast after my friend recommended it in our FB support group and I did not love it.  I'm still feeling pretty tired midday and my skin doesn't look great.  I went to barbell club at night.  We did a whole lot of squat cleans and I felt good.  I made the cubano fries again for dinner and confirmed how amazing they are.  I took some pics and will definitely be posting it soon.

Day 10, Wednesday 1/18/17 - 7 hours of sleep and back to the gym at 6 am.  The strength was push press & push jerk and they felt decent.  I was feeling kind of excited about the WOD of 50-40-30-20-10 double unders (with 10 toes to bar and 5 handstand push ups after each round) since it felt like a little redemption and Dave tightened the screws on my jump rope after Friday's incident.  My dubs went great and I did 20 in a row more than once.  I used one ab mat under my head for the HSPU and they felt surprisingly good.  The after party was pistols (aka one legged squats) and I did my best pistols ever.  I had a Kettlebell Kitchen meal for lunch because my coach was giving them away at the gym for people to try and I had never had the bison beef sliders before.  It was ok.  Dinner also didn't really wow me.  I turned these burgers into meatballs and made a pineapple guac and I wanted to love it, but I just didn't.  I probably would've liked them better if they weren't turkey.

I have to be honest, I'm a little burnt out in the kitchen.  Thankfully we have a bunch of leftovers to cover the next day or two.  I'm definitely planning some super simple recipes for this weekend and next week.  I have a few social events coming up that will definitely challenge me, but hopefully with (mental & meal) prep I can stay strong and abstain.  I had more energy today, but that may also have to do with how much sleep I've been getting.  I've been choosing bed over watching tv reruns and really making sleep a priority.

10 days down, 25 to go... eeep.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

January Whole30(+5): My Meal Plan for Days 6-10

If anybody ever told you eating healthy had to be boring, well they lied!

  • Flounder with Roasted Asparagus and Cherry Tomatoes - I'll be topping the fish with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and old bay and baking it at 400 degrees for 10 minutes or until it flakes easily with a fork.  The veggies will have olive oil, salt, pepper, and fresh garlic and be cooked for 15 minutes.
  • Buffalo Chicken Salad - I love these Crispy Buffalo Chicken Tenders crusted with pork rinds.  The salad will be simple otherwise with lettuce, tomato, onion, carrots, and avocado topped with some Ranch Dressing and extra Red Hot. 
  • Cubano Loaded Fries - I'm pretty much obsessed with loaded fries right now and I've been seriously craving a cubano so I thought why not?!  I'll be topping some homemade fries with this Mojo Cuban Roast Pork, some prosciutto (because I don't think Whole30 compliant ham exists), some pickles, and maybe even some dijon mustard.  Insert gasp noises from anybody who knows me well and understands my extreme hatred for mustard.
  • Steak with Sauteed Balsamic Mushrooms and Roasted Broccoli - Beef, it's what's for dinner!  Can't go wrong with a ribeye seared in my cast iron.
  • Hawaiian Turkey Burgers with this Bacon Lime Sweet Potato Salad - I adore this sweet potato salad.  Too bad Wegmans didn't have any of the compliant bacon.  I may have to make a Whole Foods run...

What's on your menu this week?

Saturday, January 14, 2017

January Whole30(+5): Days 1 - 5

Paleo Pad Thai made with Chef Jeff and Arley on Sunday night.

Day 1, Monday 1/9/17 - I wanted to go to sleep early, but it didn't happen and then I slept like crap.  I debated skipping the gym and climbing back into my warm bed, but instead I plopped dinner in the crockpot and got in my car.  The workout was a bunch of wall balls and snatches that I Rxed, but I was definitely feeling the lack of cardio endurance from the two weeks I basically took off over the holidays.  I'm still getting over a cold from last week, but I don't feel too bad.  I was pretty exhausted midday, but had more energy when I left work.  Dinner was super tasty.  I fell asleep on the couch before 9 pm.

Crockpot Beef, so simple but so good.

Day 2, Tuesday 1/10/17 - I got over 8 hours of sleep and it was glorious!  All day I was wondering if I was going to face the dreaded carb flu which usually manifests itself as a late afternoon headache for me, but I felt fine.  I went to the gym and did the bonus workout for the nutrition challenge, a 50 calorie row that I completed in 2:26 and then hung around to work on my snatch at barbell club.  I hit a full snatch + hang snatch combo at 95#, which is 10 less than my max, and it felt great.  I didn't have time to make the dinner I had planned, so Dave helped out and we had a simple dinner of roasted sweet potato, butternut squash, onions, and peppers with some apple chicken sausage and dippy eggs.  It really hit the spot. 

Day 3, Wednesday 1/11/17 - Woke up and went back to the gym!  Wasn't my favorite day with push presses and jerks followed by a WOD of deadlifts and burpees, but I did it.  They had a free breakfast at work and I filled my plate with fruit, but boy did that monkey bread look amazing.  For the second day in a row, I couldn't finish the lunch portion I had packed for myself, which is not usually a thing in my life haha.  My back was feeling a little cranky (I guess going 3 days in a row after taking almost 2 weeks off will do that), but it felt great after leaving the chiropractor.  Again I was wondering if I would end the day with a headache, but instead I took the dogs for a warm walk at the park and whipped up dinner.  I did get a cute zit on my chin though.

A quick tomato cucumber salad appetizer followed by Bora Bora Fireballs and some roasted broccoli.

Day 4, Thursday 1/12/17 - I woke up feeling nice and refreshed.  I was a little tired after lunch but not terrible.  Our friends invited us to their holiday party at the country club they both work at.  I knew there was going to be lots of food that would be off limits for me so I ate some leftovers before we went.  These kind of events are usually my downfall and to be honest, when we got there I figured I would probably eat whatever protein and veggies they had and not really stress if it was 100% compliant or not.  But when I saw the food, I decided that none of it was worth it... although I died a little inside watching everyone make their own loaded tots at the tater tot bar.  I was really proud of myself!  Avoiding the open bar was easy and didn't stop me from dancing the night away and singing some karaoke.

Day 5, Friday 1/13/17 - Even though I got 7 hours of sleep, I felt pretty exhausted from staying out late last night.  I was starving when we got home from the party but just went to bed, so my breakfast of leftover crockpot beef really hit the spot!  I skipped the gym in the morning to get more sleep, but I went at 5 pm and I was really excited for the workout!  We were retesting something we did last July and I knew that I could beat my score!

Last time I got through 9 of the burpees, so my goal was to get to the barbell for the power cleans.  Since my double unders have improved so much, I figured I'd cruise through them and make up a lot of time there.  My jump rope had other plans.  The screw holding the handle on flew off immediately when I started!  I couldn't believe it, I was pissed!  I tried to use someone else's rope and it was way too short and I couldn't do one dub.  I grabbed another rope and it was too long.  I was like the freaking Goldy Locks of jump ropes.  I was struggling so much, I actually considered quitting completely.  I kept going and managed to connect some dubs and finally got through the 50.  I was so upset, it literally ruined my whole workout.  I had quite a few no reps during the chest to bar pulls ups and I really thought there was no way I would beat my score, but I managed to get 13 more burpees than last time.  I was too annoyed to be happy about it.  I'm considering retesting it in a few weeks.

After the gym, I hit the grocery store.  Wild Friday night!  I came home and marinated some pork while Dave whipped up an easy dinner of roasted asparagus, tomatoes, and garlic with baked flounder.

5 days down, 30 to go...
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