Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sunshine Saturday

So we're 28 days away and the wedding nightmares have begun.  Last night I had a dream that we were getting married in a grocery store. And in the final moments before my walk down the aisle, I couldn't find my shoes. And then when I came to terms with the shoe thing, I found my sister dressed in jeans and a shirt, buying donuts for the next morning, telling me she had to check her email before the ceremony could start.  What the heck is going on in my head? lol! None of those things even have a chance of happening (ok maybe I could forget my shoes... but I certainly won't be walking down aisle 5 next to the canned goods)!  Honestly, I'm not even feeling super stressed but apparently my subconscious is feeling a little differently.

Anyway, Happy Saturday!  Since my test was last Friday, I've finally been able to relax this week (as much as you can when your wedding is a month away).  I organized, got together with friends, and I enjoyed the awesome weather.  And I actually took some photos!

A beautiful orchid from Megan!  I am completely terrified of killing it.

 Best buds :)

Scallops, arugula, gorgonzola, walnuts, olives, and a balsamic glaze.  NOM!

Spring has sprung in Valley Forge!

I may or may not have stolen these from the vacant house next door ;)

I hope you're having a fabulous weekend!  The rest of ours will be spent doing yard work, enjoying a beautiful Easter service, and having a Folk Fest reunion lunch complete with egg dyeing and mimosas.

Happy Easter!  Happy Passover!  Happy stuff your face with candy and delicious food day :)

PS - Check out these super creepy Easter bunnies for a good laugh or possibly some nightmares!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Handstands & a Sick Day

I wanted to start the week off strong, so I decided to hit the gym at 6 am Monday morning!  I keep thinking getting up at 5:30 has to get easier sometime, but it really never does.  I can only make it work if I have everything packed ahead of time, so I always do that the night before now.  Otherwise, it's too easy to talk myself out of it while I'm laying in bed, especially if I check the website on my phone and hate the workout!  But once I get to the gym and warm up, I'm good to go.

Monday's workout:
Skill: Deadlifts, 3x5 (50% of max)
WOD: 8 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
- 5 deadlifts (I did 95 lbs)
- 5 HSPU (handstand push ups)
- 5 box jumps (20" for women)

I finished 6 rounds + 5 deadlifts. The workouts I did last week were pretty brutal, specifically Thursday's 21 minutes of death by double unders, so 8 minutes really flew by. I was really excited about my HSPUs! I started the workout feeling kind of iffy about them. I'm pretty good at handstands (some of the guys at the gym actually call me a show off) but I hadn't done any HSPUs in a while. I struggled on my first few, so I added a second ab mat under my head to give me a boost. Throughout the workout I really gained my confidence and the last 5 were actually my best ones!

It's the best feeling having my workout done before I even start my day!  Unfortunately the rest of my day didn't go as great.  I hadn't really drank much coffee the week before, but I decided it was Monday and I wanted a cup.  Well I'm pretty sure it was the cause of the terrible heartburn I had for the rest of the morning.  Then my throat started to hurt and before long my entire body started to ache.  I just kept thinking, I cannot be getting sick right now!  Next Friday I am taking an 8 hour exam to further my career and the wedding is 1.5 months away.  I really didn't eat the healthiest all weekend and my neighbors were sick, so I guess it wasn't that big of a surprise.  I went out to dinner with family to celebrate my mom's bday and by the end of the meal, I wanted to lay down in the booth.  I came home and went to bed at 8:30!

So today is a lot of this.

I'm definitely going to spend the day resting and recovering.  I'm also hoping to get some studying in and maybe even a load of laundry.  And if it actually reaches 62 degrees like it's supposed to, maybe I'll even sneak in some time in the sun.  The vitamin D will make me feel better, right?

How's your week starting off?  Hopefully better than mine <3

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Bridal Shower, Some Motivation, & an Amazing Lip Sync by my Alma Mater

Hi!  How's your week going?  Mine is chugging along.  I can't believe it's snowing right now!  I'm so ready for tshirts and sunglasses, come on spring!  In the meantime, here are some interesting tidbits from around the internet that happened to catch my eye.  Enjoy!

A sneak peek at my bridal shower - A few weeks ago, my amazing bridesmaids surprised the heck out of me!  When we opened the door of the hotel meeting room (that we were stopping by to "pick up an item that had been left behind at Shayna's sister's baby shower"), I literally thought we were walking in on someone else's party!  I immediately slammed the door shut, feeling embarrassed that we had just interrupted someone's party!  They got me good.  After the intial shock wore off, I got to check out all the wonderful details and spend a lovely afternoon with my family & friends.  The shower was perfect.

Have you started doing any spring cleaning yet?! - Ugh, I wish I was one of those people who just loves to clean and organize, but unfortunately it ain't me babe.  I really want to work on decluttering our house, but we have so much on our plate right now that I think any serious clean outs may have to wait until after the wedding.  Somehow summer cleaning just doesn't have the same ring to it!

Mediterranean Meatball Muffins served with a Greek style Cucumber Salad, yum! - I'll probably be making these as meatballs instead of muffins since I'm still soaking my muffin pans from the egg muffins I made on Saturday.  (I even greased the pan!  Tell me your secrets to avoid the giant mess, ugh!)  To make the recipe Paleo, I'll be replacing the breadcrumbs with almond flour or I may just skip it all together.  I may also sub the Greek yogurt in the cucumber salad with some coconut milk.  I've made something similar from one of my cookbooks recently using coconut milk and it was tasty.  And even though I'm cutting out the dairy from the yogurt, you know I'll still be throwing lots of feta in there, maybe even some in the meatballs ;)

Some motivation for those times when all you want to do is sit on the couch - YUP, we've all been there!  My work schedule just changed, so I could actually sleep in another hour, but I've been trying to get up at the same time and hit the gym!  I love having my workout over with by 7 am and I don't feel guilty lounging on the couch when I get home from work.

A beautiful post in honor of World Down Syndrome Day which was on 3/21 - "The world is rich with so many different kinds of people and millions of stories. The more of these people we meet, the more differences we encounter, the more stories we hear and truly listen to...the more we discover the meaning of life and find our own place amid this very big world that needs our voice, our heart and our hands. Happy World Down Syndrome Awareness Day."

My high school put together an amazing lip sync to Sara Bareille's song Brave - Sara even retweeted it!  Now they're using the video to raise money for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia!  Make sure you scroll down and watch the video :)

Ok, this girl is ready for bed!  I hope you have a great week!

Did you find anything worthwhile on the internet this week?  Link away!

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