Wednesday, September 13, 2017

My Pregnancy: Week 37

On Thursday I had an OB appointment with the doctor that really rubbed me the wrong way when I met her at my 30 week check up.  I tried to keep an open mind for our second encounter and everything was fine.  Maybe she was just having a bad day last time (it was the very end of the day on a Monday), but she was a lot more easy going in general.  The nurse said my blood pressure was slightly high, but nothing concerning.  I got my Group B strep swab done, which if positive would just mean I'd need antibiotics a few hours before delivery.  It wouldn't be ideal because I want to labor at home as long as possible and avoid sitting around getting an IV, but it won't ruin my birth plan if it has to happen.  We'll see.

Thursday we also had an appointment with a local officer to check our car seat base installations.  At one of our baby education classes we had learned that a large amount of car seats are installed improperly and that you can easily get yours checked at a local police or fire station, so Dave called to make us an appointment and they offered to come to us.  The officer told us the car seat safety certification class was 40 hours long, so she was a pro!  She was super nice and very thorough, giving us lots of additional tips and information.  She said Dave had installed both bases perfectly.  One more thing to check off the list!

On Friday I hit CrossFit:

With lots of modifications of course: I did 5 calories on the bike instead of running, used 55# for the clean and jerks and snatches, used 10# dumbbells for the thrusters, my bar facing burpees were squat thrusts, I did 3 pull ups instead of 5, stepped up to a slightly shorter box (16 or 18"?) and skipped the toes to bar without any sub.  It sounds lame when I type it all out, but it still felt like a pretty legit workout.  I finished in 15:47.

I make the cutest faces, I know.

At the end of last week my car didn't seem to be starting properly, so I drove the truck and Dave replaced my battery.  He took my car to work on Friday just to make sure everything was good and took it to the car wash and vacuumed it out!  I had wiped it down on Thursday before our car seat check, so now it's really sparkling!  I don't know the last time I actually got it washed, so that was a treat.  Then on Saturday we finally cashed in our extremely thoughtful shower gift from Leah, Kimber, and Shayna: a professional house cleaning!  I had never had my house professionally cleaned and it was really great.  We are now considering splurging on it twice a year or so.  The house looked and smelled absolutely amazing when they left!

While the cleaning company was finishing up, I headed out to lunch with Leah, Christine, Jen, and Declan!  We went to Collegeville Italian Bakery and had some super yummy Italian food and some nice girl time.

Afterwards Leah and I hit the thrift store next door and scored some great baby stuff.  The onesies looked brand new.  Baby didn't have any cloth books yet.  The pumpkin socks were 49 cents and will go great with the little Halloween outfit I recently picked up.  I couldn't resist the blanket with little purple hearts on it.  And we could definitely use some pack & play sheets since we now have 3 of them (thanks Paul & Jen)!  I got all this for $20! 

Sunday we went to my parents house for a nice little family get together with tons of delicious food and football on the deck.  The beginning of the week was pretty quiet otherwise.  I spent some time getting my hospital bag together and just relaxing.

This morning I peeled myself out of bed for CrossFit.  The strength was squats so I subbed the jerks from the day before and did 5 sets of 3 at 65#.  The WOD was 60-45-30-15 double unders and 12-9-6-3 snatches.  I subbed 8-6-4-2 calories on the assault bike and did my snatches at 55#.  I really didn't think olympic lifting would still be possible this far along, but my belly isn't a factor and I can somehow still bend low enough to pick up the bar.  I was cycling them in sets of 3 and finished in 8 minutes on the dot.

I also had another OB appointment this afternoon.  My blood pressure was good, my belly measured perfectly, and I am GBS negative, yay!  I went over my birth preferences with my doctor and she was super supportive and said a lot of my preferences were standard practice for my OBs and the hospital.

Other happenings this week:
  • We got so many nice gifts!  My aunt Gina gave us an adorable purple flower bath mat to bathe baby in the sink, my aunt Patty sent us a bunch of really nice clothes she picked up at a consignment sale, my father's aunt sent a beautiful handmade quilt, and Dave's coworker gave us the cutest pittie puppy pants!  On top of all that, both Dave's and my coworkers each gave us cards with cash in them!  We are so grateful.
  • I just noticed that my feet haven't been aching like they were before.  I suppose it's possible that I'm just on them a lot less these days, but they would start hurting first thing in the morning and I think that's gone.  My back has been pretty achy but nothing too bad.  I can only imagine how I'd be feeling if I wasn't bffs with my awesome chiropractor.
  • My boss told me I can work from home starting the week of my due date!  People keep asking me when my last day of work is and my response has been "when my water breaks in my office chair!" lol!  My official maternity leave doesn't begin until I give birth and I don't want to waste any of my vacation time sitting at home without a baby, so I'm planning on working until I go into labor.  I brought up to my boss that I'm limited working from home (CADD doesn't work great with a remote connection) and I could end up being a week late and he just said "you really don't need to be here when your water breaks, priorities!"  I feel super lucky that I work in such a man dominated field but have the most understanding bosses.

I am such a planner and it's quite a weird concept that this crazy life changing event could happen tomorrow or in almost a month from now.  I feel like the baby is still really high and I haven't had any Braxton Hicks contractions, so I'm thinking she's still pretty comfortable in there for now.  We shall see...

Thursday, September 7, 2017

My Pregnancy: Week 36


Week 36 and I'm finally feeling pretty uncomfortable!  My ankles are swollen, my pelvis is aching, and rolling over in bed is super painful.  My one hip has been doing this weird popping thing that is new this week.  And my back aches when I walk.  I know I can't complain because my pregnancy has been relatively easy, but I think it's finally time to slow things down a bit... which is really hard for me as a person!

Thursday was my birthday and I was supposed to get up for CrossFit, but I stayed up kind of late Wednesday, my pelvis was feeling achy, and to be honest I didn't really want to ruin my cute hair from my photo shoot on Wednesday lol.  No regrets.  When I woke up Dave gave me some really cute gifts and a card from the baby.

Thursday night we drove down the shore for our last prebaby weekend away.  Friday we worked a few hours in the morning and then headed to the beach for a few cool cloudy hours.  Dave went out Friday night but I fell asleep on the couch right after dinner and then opted for some ice cream and Modern Family in bed.  Saturday it poured all day, which was perfect for hitting the bar and watching Penn State crush Akron in their season opener.  We had a ton of delicious seafood for dinner and then headed over to Dave's aunt and uncle's place for a rainy night in.  Sunday we got some decent beach weather and Sunday night I finally made it out.  We went to 3 of our favorite bars.  I sipped on iced coffee and a mocktail, stayed out till 1:30 am, and survived the mile walk home.  I sure felt like a trooper!  On Monday we had a perfect day at the beach.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we got there nice and early to meet up with Karisa and Frank, their kids, and a few of their other friends with their children.  We got a nice sneak preview at our future at the beach with toddlers running around and had a lot of fun with everybody.  We stayed at the beach for over 5 hours and said a sad goodbye to the beach for this season!  All weekend I kept thinking I should be taking pictures, but it was sort of nice not to worry about it and just enjoy being in the moment versus capturing it on my camera.  These were the only pics from the weekend.

On Wednesday I made it back to the gym!  The strength was 20 squats and I'm pretty sure weighted squats are what left my pelvis aching last week, so I decided to do something else.  My coach suggested I do some push presses, which was the strength from the day before, but I really wanted to snatch!  I did them in sets of 2 and just worked up to a heavy weight that still felt super easy.  I honestly can't believe I put up 85# so easily.


The WOD was every 3 mins x 5 of 40 double unders (I did 30 air squats), 10 calorie row, and 6 handstand push ups (I did incline push ups on a low racked barbell).  I finished every round with about 30 seconds to rest.  I got a great workout and woke up super sore the next day... nothing in my pelvis or belly, just regular CF muscle soreness in my chest from the push ups and my inner thighs from all those squats, which means I'm still getting stronger!  But it did make me realize that I probably don't want to be sore AT ALL for my birthing time... I need to go in feeling my best!

This week was pretty uneventful pregnancy wise:
  • I slept like crap at the beach and I was thinking that this might be it for any good sleep, but once I got home to my own bed I slept a lot better.  I generally only get up once to pee, so that's not too bad at all.
  • I finally started packing my hospital bag.  I've had my list done for a while but I actually started getting everything together.  I'll be finishing this over the weekend, so we're ready to go!
  • My feet are sausages, it's not cute.
And finally what you've all been waiting for!  I really had no plans to do maternity photos, I think if I had intended to do them all along, we would've done them like a month ago... when my face wasn't so fat LOL.  But my friend Megan offered and I said what the heck, why not.  Valley Forge was an obvious choice for the location, we had perfect weather for the shoot, and we got some gorgeous photos!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

My Pregnancy: Week 35

Happy Birthday to me!  I'm 31 today and I'm pretty sure this year is going to be one I'll never forget.

Still got my pull ups!

Friday's WOD was a nice little chipper: 30 hand release push ups (incline PUs on the barbell for me), 20 squat cleans (95# Rx - I did 55), 30 pull ups, 20 jerks, 30 toes to bar, 20 clean and jerks, 25 minute cap.  I figured 30 pull ups in a row was too many, so I did 15 and then another 15 instead of the toes to bar.  I warmed up 65# on the barbell, but it felt kind of heavy, so I went with 55.  It ended up feeling pretty easy and I was able to cycle a lot of the movements.  The pull ups were the hardest part of the workout, I'm honestly not really sure how I'm still getting up there lol, but they actually hurt my hands more than anything.  My fingers have been aching, apparently carpal tunnel syndrome is common in pregnancy, so gripping the bar is more difficult in general.  I finished in 19:30.

Friday night we had a nice little date night out at Bonefish Grill.  We had a $50 gift card and a free entree, so it was very economical.  We split their famous bang bang shrimp appetizer, each got yummy seafood entrees (twin lobster tails for me!), and Dave convinced me to share the coconut pie for dessert.  Even with some drinks for Dave our bill came out to $18!

On Saturday Dave got up and took Carmela for a nice long walk and let me sleep in.  He's been so awesome with that on the weekends and apparently I really needed it, because I woke up at 10:15 after 10+ hours of sleep.  In the afternoon I attended a baby shower for Laura, a friend from the gym who is due 2 weeks after me.  It was great to celebrate her and get lots of post birth advice from the other mamas there.

Sunday we had our fantasy draft, so I stuffed my face with pizza and faked more than a few people out with my delicious rootbeer.

I'm the only girl in my fantasy league and everything felt like business as usual for the afternoon, like I was just one of the guys... until I rolled my ankle taking a step down out of the house and I went down!  Thankfully I fell straight to my butt.  My friends gathered around me in a panic... worried about the 35 week pregnant lady that just bit it!  I was a little worked up, my ankle hurt and I had tears in my eyes, but I insisted I was fine and was up and walking around with no issues except for a my ankle feeling pretty sore.  I never felt anything in my belly, no cramping or weird sensations, and my ankle felt fine the next day, but all I could think of was my OB telling me to avoid falling risks.  Apparently I can CrossFit, but taking one step down is too much!  Thankfully my ankle felt totally fine when I woke up the next morning.

I switched up my gym schedule this week and hit the gym on Tuesday morning.  The strength portion was build to a heavy single strict press and push press (aka strict press + dip with your legs).  I got to 85# on my strict press, which is pretty close to my max, so I was impressed with myself.  I did 105# for my push press and it was pretty easy.  The WOD was a bunch of burpee box jumps and double unders, so I decided to do Monday's workout.

I went with 65# and the first few rounds were super easy.  But then it got hard!  The squats were definitely the hardest part for me and I just got winded in general.  I made it through the 10 rounds and then the 11th (4 reps for each) and 12th (5 reps) and then made it through 6 cleans, 6 squats, and 3 jerks to finish.  I was totally spent.  My pelvis felt kind of sore for the rest of the day, so I'm thinking it may be time to back off of weighted squats.

Tuesday night Dave took me out for a fancy birthday dinner at the Kimberton Inn, which is where we had our rehearsal dinner.  The meal was absolutely delicious and the service was outstanding as well.  I started with the lobster bisque and Dave got the seared sirloin scalloppine.  Both were very rich and melted in your mouth.  For our entrees Dave got the boneless duck breast and duck leg confit, the breast was so tender and moist, and I went with the bourbon-molasses glazed organic king salmon fillet, which was really unique and cooked perfectly.  Dave said it's the first salmon he's actually liked haha!  For dessert we split the double chocolate torte.  It was a wonderful birthday treat.

On Wednesday we did a maternity shoot in Valley Forge with our friend Megan!  I was a little nervous beforehand since I'm feeling pretty large these days.  I was worried I was going to get the pics back and hate all of them because of my big fat face lol.  But the shoot was great!  It was a little awkward at first, but over the hour both Dave and I got more comfortable and she got some gorgeous shots.  I'm going to post a bunch of them later, but here's a teaser :)

Other random week 35 stuff:
  • I'm finally starting to feel pretty uncomfortable.  My pelvis is aching (yes baby I feel your head), it's really hard to roll over and get out of bed, and forget bending over.  I guess I can't be too sad that I'm finally struggling at 35 weeks.
  • My friend Jes got me this a few weeks ago and I totally forgot to post it, but I had to share!
  •  The dog thinks my pillow fort is for her.  She's always trying to steal my snoogle!
Who me?

Less than a month left... except I'll probably go a week over my due date lol.  We shall see! 

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