Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My Pregnancy: Week 28 & 29

Week 28:

I spent the first part of Week 28 still down in Cape May.  Dave had to come back and work Wednesday through Friday since he's trying to save some vacation for when baby comes, but I spent 10 whole days there and it was so lovely.  I got to the beach every single day except Thursday when it rained on and off all day so I spent the entire day in my PJs, only left the house to walk Carmela, and took 2 naps.  It was a super relaxing week and floating in the ocean was wonderful.

Baby has been having a party in my belly!  I've been feeling kicks for a while now, but over the past week or so, the movements have been a lot more intense and sometimes I feel an entire body part sticking out.  And before I would typically feel the movements when I was relaxing or laying down, but lately it's been at random times too.  According to The Bump app she's almost 15 inches, so I guess she wants to stretch out.

On Monday I had the dreaded glucose test to check for gestational diabetes.  Women on the internet made it sound like it was going to be the worst thing I've ever had to drink, but I honestly think it just tasted like overly sweet orange soda.  I downed it in 2 minutes and felt a little gross right after but it wasn't bad.  No news is good news, so I was happy not to hear from the doctor.  Yay!

My shower was almost a month ago, but we've been so busy that the nursery still looked like this.

And it was starting to give me anxiety!  By the time we got home from vacation, I was itching to nest.  I made a nice long to do list and I split my free time between organizing and writing Thank You notes (which I meant to take down the shore with me but totally forgot).

Before my vacation, I was planning on hitting up a local gym so I didn't take a 10 days off from CrossFit.  I was scared that if I spent that much time away, I'd be done for good.  But I did SO much walking, some dancing, and a little bit of swimming and I just wasn't feeling a formal trip to the gym.  Honestly, carrying my beach bag across the sand felt like a pretty good workout every day.  But on Tuesday, I was back at it!  I hit the gym at 6 am for some front squats (not going below parallel anymore), box step ups, and dumbbell squat clean thrusters.  My quads were screaming during the workout, but otherwise I felt great.

Week 29:

Friday's WOD was 20 rounds of 3 burpees (squat thrusts), 3 chest to bar pull ups (regular kipping pull ups), and 1 squat snatch 115/75 (I did 75 and was dropping under the bar, but they were mostly just power snatches).  I hadn't done pull ups in a few weeks, so I thought they might be gone, but they still felt fine.  The girl at my gym who is due 2 days before me said she didn't feel great afterwards so she was probably dropping them, but I didn't have any ill effects other than ripping my hands in the last two rounds.  The snatches felt great and I finished in 25:01.

Friday night our friend Rachel came over and we chowed down on some pizza and a delicious chocolate peanut butter pie she brought over to spoil me with... and then I had the worst sleep of my life.  I was tossing and turning with heartburn pain all night and even threw up in my mouth a little, twice!  It was AWFUL.  I've never really had heartburn before, so it came as a shock.  I had a repeat night of crappy sleep on Saturday with the same feeling.  Apparently, that's a thing now.  The internet advises eating smaller meals throughout the day, avoiding eating 3 hours before bed, and avoiding laying down after eating in general, so I am trying to incorporate those changes.

On Sunday I spent a lot of time in the nursery and I'm feeling much more prepared now!  The room is a lot more organized and I have a better feeling for what I still need.  I also ordered a few decor items and have an improved idea of exactly how I want to decorate.  Now I just need to force Dave to hang some things ;)  He did spend some time putting together our pack & play though!

He also spent some time Sunday installing our new dryer!  Our old one died when he tried to be a good husband and wash our sheets while he was back at the house for a few days and I was still hanging in Cape May.  I'm so happy it happened now and not when we have mountains of newborn laundry!  Dave was extremely enthusiastic about doing a load of laundry Sunday night and kept saying "I don't know why I am so excited about a new appliance!"  I do, we're old lol!

We took our first baby education class at the hospital on Monday night.  It was Happiest Baby based on the book Happiest Baby on the Block.  It was all about calming your baby in the first 3 months of life using the 5 S's: Swaddle, Side/Stomach Hold, Shush, Swing, and Suck.  The instructor was really awesome and I feel like we learned a lot.  And now I don't need to spend time reading the book.

Thursday marks 30 weeks... then we'll be in single digit countdown!  Here comes the torpedo tummy!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

My Pregnancy: Week 27

The last week of my second trimester was a good one, especially for Dave!

Dave had two vehicles, neither of which were car seat approved, so he sold his old Jeep and upgraded with his new dadmobile a 2014 F-150 with 34K miles, a huge cab with plenty of room for car seats and dogs, and all the extra towing crap he wanted.  It's easier to drive than I expected, super quiet, and we won't have to borrow a truck anymore (which we've done 3 times in the past 2.5 weeks).  It was a great purchase!

We also officially booked our doula this week!  We're using our Hypnobabies instructor Keli Engleson.  To save a few bucks, we booked her Birthing Day package instead of the full package (which would have additionally given us 2 prenatal and 1 postnatal visits with her).  Since we've already taken the class with her, we didn't think we were missing out on too much and we can always book a postnatal visit with her after the birth.  I'm really excited, I am confident that having a doula will be a huge help in having the birth that I want.

I know a lot of people don't really understand the role of a doula.  From Keli's website:
My roll as a doula is focused on what the mother and couple needs so that the mother can rest assured that her physical and emotional needs will be met throughout her labor and birth. I work with you before labor and delivery answering questions about what to expect, providing information and your options for you to make informed decisions, assisting you in developing a birth plan, teaching you active labor postures and techniques, therapeutic relief, along with providing continuous support during labor and birth and the initial postpartum period.  During labor and delivery I provide continuous, knowledgeable physical and emotional support and answer questions you and your partner have about what’s happening.
People have suggested that Dave could be my doula... but how many births has Dave attended?  Keli will not replace Dave as my birth partner, however she will bring years of experience and a level head to my birthing time.  So when I am experiencing the most intense sensations of my life and Dave isn't sure how he can help me, she will be able to show him some massage techniques or show us an alternative position I can try.  Or when the doctors are pressuring us into a non medically necessary intervention and in the heat of the moment we forget everything we've learned, she will be there to present us all the benefits, risks, alternatives, and evidence based information. 

Otherwise the rest of the week was all about the beach!  We celebrated the 4th of July down in Cape May with visits from my mom, sister, and Shayna all while being pampered by my in-laws.

I didn't do any formal workouts all week, but I did ALL the walking.  Somehow my pregnant booty survived going out 5 nights in a row.

After the fireworks on the 4th, we went out for a ridiculous night of karaoke.  Kimber, Pete, Shayna, and I all got our time to shine on the stage, but the grand finale was when I rapped Missy Elliot's Work It and the crowd went wild!  It was absolutely hilarious and I couldn't stop giggling when it was over and everyone was coming up to high five me.  On our way out, some girl came up to me and said I gave her hope for her future self.  It was such a fun night.

And now, goodbye second trimester!

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