Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend Photo Dump

We took Vienna to the beach back in April, but it was freezing cold and windy.  This weekend we finally got her toes in the sand and then some sand in her mouth... and she loved it!  We went in with low expectations about how long she'd last, but she was perfectly pleasant for 4 hours and was even rocked to sleep by Gran and the ocean waves (which happen to match the white noise she falls asleep to every night).  The weekend was relaxing and wonderful until the weather and Vienna both turned sour Sunday night.  She cut one of her top front teeth and I think the second one is on it's way.  She's obviously in pain and has been unusually crabby, but hopefully she'll be feeling better once they're both out.  She turned 8 months today and I am honestly freaking out that she'll be a year in just a few short months.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Half Birthday & Baby Led Weaning

I sadly don't have a half birthday since February 31st isn't even close to existing, but Vienna celebrated hers two weeks ago with lots of excitement!

She had previously rolled over a few times here and there, but the night before she turned 6 months she finally put it together and was suddenly a rolling master!  She can roll both ways and really cover some ground but sometimes gets stuck on her belly.  She's a lot stronger on her tummy than she used to be, but if she gets stuck for too long she gets pretty mad about it.  I think she really wants to crawl and gets frustrated when nothing is happening.  She's started slithering backwards a little bit but to be honest we're not in a rush for her to get moving.  We are already realizing that our house isn't quite baby proof yet!

She's just about sitting up by herself, but is still quite wobbly.  She does well in her PB chair and highchairs, but still does some face plants solo on the ground.

We had her 6 month appointment a week ago and she was 17 lbs 9.5 oz (74th percentile) and 26.77" (80th percentile).  Her length is down from the 90th percentile where she's been, but I also know that length is the most inaccurate measurement since it all depends on how straight she lays and how much they push down her leg, etc.  We just had to put away all the 6 month clothes and some of the 9 month clothes look stupidly small, so she's actually wearing a mix of 9 month and 12 month stuff now.

We also had a follow up with the orthopedic doctor on Thursday.  It was suspected that Vienna may have hip dysplasia back in December, but after 2 rounds of ultrasounds and 3 appointments with the ortho, she has officially been cleared!

We started working on some sleep training this past week.  Vienna was a great sleeper when she was 3 and 4 months, but the 5th month was rough.  She went from sleeping 4-8 hours in a row to 0.75-2 hours.  Mama was struggling.  We endured and her sleep has improved, but it's still not great and we knew we had to work on putting her down "drowsy but awake" vs. nursing her to sleep.  The first night was rough, she cried for 20 minutes and my heart ached every second of it.  But the next night she cried for 5 minutes and 10 minutes later she was asleep!  We've had mixed results, but I think we're headed in the right direction and hopefully she will be a self soothing master soon.

Another new fun thing that we started this week was food!  We are going with a Baby Led Weaning (BLW) approach so we are skipping purees and going straight to chunks of soft food that Vienna can feed herself.  A ton of people have looked at me like I have two heads when I tell them about it (including Dave at first), but there's tons of information on the internet and so far it's going great!

Our first attempt was avocado.  She brought it to her mouth and tasted it a tiny bit, but she definitely didn't eat any and wasn't that interested in general.  I'm not sure she enjoyed the slimy texture on her hands.  I went in with really low expectations, so I was just happy we got some cute pics.

The next night we tried some more avocado, but it was a fail.  We decided that she sat in the highchair for too long beforehand and was already over the whole thing before we even offered the food.

Night three was some steamed broccoli.  I was starting to wonder if she just wasn't really ready yet, but she was super into it!  She was putting it in her mouth, waving it around, and cried for more when she dropped it.  She did gag once or twice, but it's all part of the process and it was very brief and not scary.

Since then she's done purple sweet potato and broccoli both a few times and she's figuring it out slowly but surely.  We didn't think she was actually really eating any of it, but apparently Daddy found some broccoli evidence in her poop haha.

Her faces don't really agree, but I promise she has been enjoying it!

I feel like I blinked and half a year flew by.  I cannot even fathom what she's going to be like in another 6 months!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Thoughts on Working and New Motherhood

I just kicked off my 5th week at work and so far I've found balancing work and motherhood to be pretty difficult, but not in the ways I expected.  We are very happy with our childcare situation.  Vienna has been chugging down bottles and she lights up with the biggest smile when I drop her off, so leaving her with Miss Connie hasn't really been too hard for me.  Although Vienna has been going to bed between 10 and midnight (woof), I am still managing to get between 6 and 7.5 hours of sleep!  My supply has also been great and I'm pumping a ton of milk so that has been a relief.

But I thought I was returning to work to ease back in on a familiar project that's currently in a lull and instead I have been tasked to help out with a crazy demanding project in DC.  My company has allowed me to transition back into the workforce at 30 hours per week, but everyone else on this project is working overtime.  Between stepping away to pump and then coming in late and leaving fairly early, I just feel extremely awkward. To make matters worse, the part of the project I am supposed to be spearheading is significantly behind (aka everyone just ignored it) and it's a giant mess.

At first, the project was stressing me out to the point of trying not to cry at work, but now I am just trying to do what I can and not let it get to me.  My manager has been extremely supportive and it's not like my other coworkers have made comments or anything, it's just an internal pressure that makes me feel like I am not doing enough.  I need to remember that this is just a job.  It is not life or death.  I do not need to feel bad about taking the time to pump milk to nourish my baby.  I do not need to feel guilty that I am working less hours to adjust to my new role as a mother.

In other news, I've been doing pretty decent with my January goals.  Black coffee isn't so bad.  Daily stretching has been awesome.  I've avoided all shopping, except I finally broke down and purchased a ton of new bibs the other day since Vienna is a drool monster.  I've gone to the gym once a week for the past 3 weeks.  Some things felt pretty humbling.  I quickly quit on box jumps and opted for step ups so I didn't bite it my first time back at the gym.  I've lost a lot of strength in my squat, which makes sense since I backed off of heavy squats towards the end of the second trimester.  My dubs sucked and I left the gym with lots of whip marks from the jump rope, fun!  But other things felt great.  My snatch felt pretty strong and I was able to do 30 reps at 75# in a workout.  I worked up to 105# in a heavy clean and jerk complex.  My pull ups feel good and my number one goal of 2018 is to finally fix my dang kip and connect my pull ups properly.  And most importantly my pelvic floor felt good and I haven't peed myself during any running, jumping, or heavy lifting.  Huzzah.

I still can't believe that this time 1 year ago, I was 5 weeks pregnant and trying to hide my nausea and now I'm waiting for this 16 pounder to roll over!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Goals for January

Between all the social media accounts I follow and my private Whole30 support group, the internet is buzzing and I'm having a major case of FOMO.  I really wish I was doing the Whole30 with everyone... but then I eat a handful of cookies and I quickly forget about it.

Humor and gluttony aside, I figured going back to work and getting used to pumping was enough to deal with in January.  Adding the planning, cooking, and willpower demands of a Whole30 would have been too much to expect from myself.  I'm thinking maybe March.

But in the meantime, I need to start somewhere!  I do love using the new year as a fresh start so I'm making some small attainable goals for myself to get the ball rolling.

January Goals:
  • Do yoga every day (five minutes minimum)
  • Go to CrossFit six times
  • Break up with flavored creamer and go back to black coffee
  • Do not purchase any sweets/treats, soda, bread products
  • No shopping (aside from groceries/necessities)

Another goal is to jump on here and share more often by keeping the posts quick and snappy!  And to share more baby pics.  Obviously.

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