Monday, October 28, 2019

Baby #2: Week 37

First of all, we got our photos from our family/maternity mini session with my roommate from college (C. Orkin Photography) and they came out great (especially considering Vienna wasn't having it at all).  I'm definitely going to put together some kind of photo collage to hang in the house. These photos aren't even really my favorites... going to post them on Facebook later in the week haha.

Vienna legit took this picture!

I had my 37 week appointment on Wednesday and it was very positive.  My BP was normal, baby's heart rate was 150 bmp, and my Group B Strep test came back negative, so I do not need antibiotics during labor yay!  The nurse practitioner said she thinks baby girl is about 7 lbs right now and will be in the low to mid 8s when she is born.  Vienna was 8 lbs 2 oz, so that sounds about right.  I was supposed to get my flu shot, which I deferred the week before since I was still feeling kind of rundown, but the NP didn't mention it and I totally forgot.  So I'll be writing FLU SHOT on my forehead before I head in for my appointment this week.

I know, I'm such a dork.

I'm feeling very laid back and confident about birth.  The birth center wanted me to put together my "birthing hopes and dreams" and I was having some trouble getting started because my "birth preferences" from last time were basically a list of things I didn't want the OB to do (break my water without my consent, force me to push on my back, etc.)  I feel a lot more at ease this time, fully trusting my provider and knowing that most of my "preferences" are just standard care.

Some of the things I did include:

  • I will be using self-hypnosis to manage my birthing time (speaking of which, Vienna's birth was just featured on the Hypnobabies website and when I shared it on FB, I tricked a few people into thinking I had given birth to baby #2... not yet!)
  • I would like minimal vaginal exams and do not want to be informed of my number of dilation (this is something that saved me last time because I think I would've had a breakdown if they told me I was only at 4 cms after being in labor for 24 hours)
  • I included some affirmations I enjoy (you are strong, you are making progress, you are doing it!)
  • I listed some fears I have based on last time (a long labor, high blood pressure, having the urge to push before I am fully dilated)
  • And some things I am visualizing and hoping for (being more mobile to speed up labor, enjoying relief in the tub, normal blood pressure, and being able to push whenever and however it feels natural to me)
  • I also mentioned that I'm hoping for a lot of breastfeeding support, since getting a good latch was a huge struggle with Vienna when we first started

After a 3 week hiatus, I finally made it back to the gym on Friday!  CrossFit moved the worldwide Open competition to the fall this year (it's usually held in March and April) and this week's workout was a repeat from 2018, so I was feeling a little sad not to be busting out some handstand push ups and trying to beat my score.  I did a 9 minute workout of 85# deadlifts and L sit overhead presses with 15# dumbbells.  I also did a mile on the assault bike just for fun.  I was happy just to be there, get moving, and cheer everyone else on.

Saturday night I randomly felt super crappy and nauseous.  I did eat wings and pizza at a bar for lunch, so maybe that had something to do with it, but this seemed different.  Looking back, I had a night of nausea and some cramping at 38 weeks last time, so maybe this is just something my body does to prep for labor.  I'm definitely at the point where every odd feeling in my body has me pondering if it could be time, but I also still feel like baby girl is super high and comfy, so I'm not counting on anything actually happening yet.

Our to do list is dwindling... I think pretty much all of the baby laundry is done, the last few things were the car seat covers, nursing pillow covers, some blankets, and random odds and ends like that.  Dave rearranged our furniture into last year's Christmas configuration and set up the pack and play in the living room to utilize as our changing station.  We also finally got out all the pump bottles and nipple shields and sanitized them, just in case I end up pumping immediately like last time.

I'm still dragging my feet on actually packing my birth center bag.  I have almost everything laid out on the spare bed, I just need to jam it all in a bag!  I'm really trying not to over pack, but that's not exactly my strong suit.  I also need to pack a little overnight bag for V since my in-laws will be watching her whenever things go down.

Random thoughts:
  • I had a great week of sleep!  I've been getting up once to pee, but otherwise sleeping through the night.
  • Turns out my MIL did not have the flu, hallelujah.  I have been randomly stuffy, but I don't think it could still be my cold, so it may just be a pregnancy side effect at this point.
  • I ordered a personalized hat for baby girl and it came in the mail today!  I also finally ordered a big wooden letter to match the one we made for Vienna.  Guess our name choice is really set in stone now!
  • This is my last full week in the office.  I was debating coming in on Monday and possibly Tuesday, but I may just call Friday my last day.  I am so grateful to be able to work from home.  This mama is done putting on real clothing and looking presentable.

Almost there...

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