Monday, October 7, 2019

Baby #2: Week 34

Another week, another Tuesday workout.  The Olympic lifting was 1 power clean + 1 low hang power clean (every 90s x 6).  I did 65#, 75#, 85#, 105#, 115#, and finished with 120#.  When I got up over 100# I quit the hang position and just did 2 power cleans.  I love lifting heavy.

(Press play twice)

The WOD was 3 rounds of 4 minutes of: 6 burpee box jump overs (I did 6 dumbbell curl and presses with 15# DBs), 12 power cleans (I used #65), and 14 calorie row (I did 6 cals on the bike), with a 4 minute rest between each round.  I finished 96 total reps.

On Tuesday I also finally put together a big amazon order with a bunch of random things we still needed.  I ordered a second monitor camera, another sound machine, a crib mattress pad cover, a few changing pad liners, some nursing pads, NB and size 1 diapers.  I had $105 credit from my amazon credit card that I was saving for a rainy day, so that helped!  And I finally started sorting and putting away all that laundry my mom did for us.

Someone is super into testing all the baby equipment out.

On Thursday we had Vienna's 2 year check up and found out she is in the 87th percentile for height and the 84th percentile for weight!  Big girl!  Her appointment was all positive and uneventful, yay.  We also went over some paperwork from the birth center and discussed the pediatrician's preferences regarding the first few days since we will go home from the birth center 4-12 hours after birth.  Our doctor wants to see the baby the next day since they won't be visiting us multiple times like they would in the hospital and then the baby will also be evaluated by the nurse from Lifecycle at our home visit ~48 hours after birth and we'll go from there.  The pediatrician didn't seem to have any major concerns with the plan.

Thursday night I made it back to the gym.  It was a 25 minute AMRAP and I made a lot of subs.  I did 15 wallballs (10#), 7 cals on bike, 15 kettlebell swings (16 kg), 7 cals on bike, 5 pull ups(!) + 10 ring rows, 7 cals on bike, 15 incline push ups on racked barbell, 7 cals on bike.  I made it through 2 rounds + through the pull ups and ring rows on the 3rd round.  I wasn't sure I still had my pulls up since I hadn't done any since August when my pelvis was bothering me, but I hopped up and tried one and it felt totally fine, so I figured I'd do a few in the workout.  I felt really good during, but woke up and definitely felt sore the next day.  My pecs and shoulders were feeling it from the push ups and pull ups!

I also think I rolled over in bed weird or something because my right hip flexor did not feel good on Friday.  I didn't think it was from CF because everything I did was so symmetrical, so I feel like I would've been sore on both sides if it was that.  Walking kind of hurt and I felt like I was finally doing some kind of pregnant waddle.  The feeling went away by the end of the day and I woke up Saturday feeling totally fine.

Saturday was mostly relaxing.  We started the day with a breakfast date with Gwen and Denny at Ruby's, a 50s style diner.  My breakfast grilled cheese was delicious and the kids were really well behaved.

In the afternoon I met Leah for a pedicure.  It was great getting pampered, but also I really can't reach my toe nails to clip them lol.  It's always wonderful catching up with Leah and she also gave me some hand me downs for Vienna so that was great too.  After I met Dave, V, and Mela at the park and tried to be a chill non-helicopter parent when V was whipping down the big slides sideways and Dave was taking the dog for a lap.  When we got home I threw together a delicious butternut squash soup and put a container in the freezer for postpartum.

I also got this awesome package in the mail from Nancy, a woman I used to coach with!  The clothes are adorable and what a wonderful cause.

On Sunday I headed to NJ for my cousin's son's baptism.  Dave stayed home to study and get some things done around the house, so I picked up my parents and Tom at an exit right off the turnpike, so I wasn't making the trip solo with V at almost 35 weeks pregnant.  Vienna was a total a-hole at the church and I was super embarrassed and really just a pregnant emotional mess.  So that was super fun.  Thank God my dad stepped in and she behaved for him.  The reception was great though.  My whole family was telling me how great I looked and how excited they are to meet the baby.  And everyone helped tag team watch Vienna who had a blast doing laps around the hall, running around with her cousins, and eating a big piece of cake.  She was really pleasant considering she totally skipped her nap and then slept for most of the car ride home.

While I was gone Dave knocked a few things off our to do list.  My car was so dirty and cluttered, so he cleaned it out and took it to get detailed.  Now it's super clean and he installed the infant car seat base too!  He also took a huge box of donations out of the basement and did some organizing in the nursery, as well as setting up appointments for a dying tree in our backyard to get cut down, some wood stove maintenance, and an afternoon of firewood chopping.  The manly side of nesting.

Random stuff:
  • I'm definitely feeling uncomfortable, especially by the end of the day.  Even sitting on the couch can be awful and I'm doing a lot more leaning on my side or just full out laying down with a pillow between my knees.
  • I also get super winded walking up the stairs in our house.  Showering and then getting ready is honestly exhausting and I have to sit down and rest.
  • My ankles and feet aren't swollen at all.  It's a pregnancy miracle.
  • I'm having small bursts of heartburn pretty often, it's not too bad though, mostly just annoying.  Hoping that means baby girl is growing some hair.
  • I feel like a body part is always poking out of me.  Sometimes the big kicks are actually painful.  She's definitely running out of room in there.
  • My face is getting fat, same timing as last time.  Only a month more of that getting worse.

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