Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April Whole24: Days 19 - 24 Highlights

24 days really flew by!  I cannot believe this is it.
  • I PRed my clean and jerk by 10 lbs on Friday morning!  We did jerks for the strength on Monday and there were heavy cleans in the WOD.  And then at barbell club on Tuesday night, I felt like my coach programmed the drills specifically to work on my clean and jerk weaknesses.  So when I saw we were working on finding a heavy 1 rep squat clean and jerk on Friday morning, I felt ready to PR!  When I did 130 lbs, it was pretty ugly but I got it done.  When I attempted 135 the first time I got stuck in the bottom of the squat and had to bail.  The second time I didn't let myself hit rock bottom and it was a lot easier to stand up!  I guess those barbell hickeys were worth it!
  • I planned a whole weekend of Paleo meals for the beach and all of my friends loved it.  The boys barked about cooking with coconut oil but they didn't have any complaints while we were actually eating.  I was only a little sad when everyone was eating tacos for lunch on Sunday, but Leah had brought some delicious Mexican chicken chowder, so I didn't suffer too much.
  • Since I didn't have a hangover, I got up and did 100 burpees Saturday morning!
  • After going out to a few bars on Saturday night, I sat in a pizza shop and watched my friends eat huge slices of my favorite food.  This was a HUGE test for me.  I stayed strong and honestly, I wasn't even too sad about skipping it.  I made this plate of grapes, strawberries, and avocado with a little salt and bacon when I got home and felt very proud of myself!
  • Then I PRed my back squat on Monday morning!  My last recorded back squat max that I can find is 130 lbs, from 2013... so I knew I was due for a new one.  The strength was two rounds of 5-3-1 adding weight as you go.  My first set felt pretty light, so I continued to up the weight for my second round.  I wasn't really keeping track of exactly how much I was lifting, but when I finished I had done 165 lbs and knew it was definitely a PR.  I added 5 lbs and did one more rep at 170 lbs to finish!
  • My waist is definitely feeling leaner.  I was able to wear some clothes I've been avoiding for a while!
  • I'm really trying to focus on eating mindfully.  I always cook in large quantities, so it can be easy to load up my plate with more food than I really need, especially when it's something delicious.  I know I don't need to eat until I'm stuffed, so I'm trying to focus on eating until I am satisfied.
  • I'm making a serious game plan for this weekend.  I cannot ruin everything I've been working so hard for!  I know I'll be eating out and consuming alcohol, but I need to make smart choices.  I do not want to give myself a big old belly ache.
Unfortunately I probably won't have a results post up until the beginning of next week since Dave won't be home to take my after pics until tomorrow and I won't be anywhere near my laptop this weekend.

See you Monday!


  1. Go you! Have a great weekend :)

    1. Thanks! You too. Thanks for all the comment love <3

  2. I am so impressed that you resisted the pizza! Talk about willpower! Hope you have a good weekend :)

  3. I definitely know what you mean about eating more mindfully. I've been much better about that since starting Whole30!

  4. Yum!! That avocado looks so good!! Congrats on the PR and the whole30 victories!

  5. We are like lifting twinsies! ;)

    I PRed my clean similarly, but I was able to get 140#, which was huge for me since it was finally over bodyweight. and my squat is stuck at 165#!

    Awesome job on the PRs!! Keep it up!!


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