Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My (Delayed) April Whole24 Results!

I wrote this post over a week ago.  I was ready to hit publish and then our dog Puddin' passed away.  It was completely unexpected and rocked us to the core.  I intend on writing an entire post dedicated to what an amazing dog she was and to explain what happened, but I can't bring myself to sit down and find the words.  Her death still seems unreal and I keep hoping that somehow it's not true.  Every day gets a little easier, but it's still so hard.

At this point posting my results just feels stupid, but it's already all put together and it seems silly not to post it.

You know the drill...

Start   Weight  = 152.6
Finish Weight = 142.8
Weight Loss     =  9.8 lbs


  • Although the photos are not very dramatic, this may have been my most successful Whole30 yet!  I did not have any big cheats or midway dessert meltdowns like I have previously!  I feel very proud of myself and the discipline I was able to maintain.
  • Like I've concluded before, cleaning up my diet helps inspire me to get to the gym and get more sleep!  When I focus on improving one aspect of my health, everything else seems to follow.  Hitting a bunch of PRs at the gym was really the icing on the cake guac on my fajitas.
  • Tracking my weight added an interesting aspect to this Whole30.  I thought it would consistently drop over the 24 days and for the most part it did, but it fluctuated more than I anticipated.  I think watching my weight so closely helped me avoid eating when I wasn't hungry.  In previous Whole30s, I've consumed larabars, raisins, and dates while I was at work and I think it was more out of boredom or just wanting something sweet or snacky in the afternoon than really needing to eat something.  Although those foods are all technically compliant, they are essentially just sugar and don't offer a whole lot of nutritional value vs. eating meat and veggies.  I pretty much stayed away from them this round.
  • I know some people are thinking... why do you keep doing this?  What's the point?  For me, healthy living is something that I have to recommit to over and over again.  I will fall off the wagon.  I will gain a few pounds back.  I will eat things that don't make me feel my best.  I am only human.  But when I feel out of control, when my pants don't fit, when it just seems like I can't get back on track... I know I can always come back to the Whole30!

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  1. I'm sure your dedication post to Puddin' will be absolutely beautiful and I pray it brings you a little bit of closure to such a hard situation. We love you guys!!

  2. So, so sorry to hear about your pup. I can't imagine how heartbreaking this must be and I just want you to know I'm thinking about you all and sending hugs. xo

  3. I'm so sorry, Amber-- losing a pet is devastating. <3

  4. I'm so, so sorry to hear of Puddin's passing! I'm sending good thoughts & prayers your way.

  5. I am sooooo sorry for your loss. Your Whole30 results are amazing! Way to go!

  6. i'm so sorry for your loss :( I am madly in love with my cousin's dog who I babysit regularly. He's 10 years old and I know my heart will absolutely break when he's gone. Love for dogs runs deep. Congrats on your Whole30 results anyway. It's OK to be happy while still feeling sad.


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