Thursday, April 16, 2015

April Whole24: Days 13 - 18 Highlights

18 days in and I feel like a pro.  I guess I should since this is my 5th Whole30 (21, 24, 25, etc haha), but I have been known to break down and lose myself in a cupcake mid Whole30, whoops.  Not this time.  Over the weekend I successfully avoided a large tray of mini cupcakes that was placed down directly in front of me, win!  Here are a few more highlights from the past few days:

  • I had been craving anything and everything on the grill and this past weekend my cravings were fulfilled.  We had delicious burgers and sausage Friday night and then a big fat steak on Sunday night.  I was one happy girl!
  • I went out to eat on Saturday night for my friend Arley's bday.  She's also doing a Whole30 to try and solve some tummy issues so we scoured the menu for a compliant meal.  We decided to split a cajun scallop salad and a veal chop that came with spinach cooked in olive oil and garlic.  I also had some broccoli rabe in olive oil and garlic.  Our meal was all veggies and meat and even though I swore it was compliant, it sent me to the bathroom before we even left the restaurant.  I'm guessing the scallops were marinated in a crappy oil and I'm pretty convinced that their olive oil had another cheap oil mixed into it since I had the spinach leftover a few days later and my tummy felt awful again.  I don't know, but between this and some other instances, I think my stomach is definitely sensitive to certain oils.
  • I really don't miss booze.  I mean, we went to an epic beer store with an entire wall of cider and I was excited about all the new brands and flavors, but at the same time I'm just like whatever.  I don't need alcohol to have a good time and I love not feeling any consequences the next day.  After dinner Saturday night, we went back to Arley's parents' house to party and I had absolutely no problem sticking to kombucha.  Arley had picked up a bunch of different flavors so we did a little tasting.  It was also fun to play beer pong later in the night when I was sober and everyone else was not ;)
  • I was definitely seeing a difference in my tummy at the beginning of the week, but then Thursday I woke up feeling kind of bloated.  I'm wondering if the yucca that made up the shells of the grass-fed beef dumplings from Kettlebell Kitchen were to blame since they were very starchy.  They were delicious though!
  • After reporting that I went to CF 3 times last week, I went to barbell club before church on Sunday to make it 4 times!  Then I got up and went to the gym Monday morning, which is not usually a thing for me.  I meant to go Tuesday morning, but my alarm never went off (new phone software + silent mode = no alarm), so I went Tuesday night for another barbell club session.  Less than 10 hours later, I was back for the Wednesday 6 am class! Things are really clicking for me at the gym lately.  My back hasn't been bothering me for a few weeks and I'm getting noticeably stronger.  However, I still need to work on catching my cleans with my shoulders instead of my collar bone though.  I've been wearing scarves to work all week to hide my barbell hickeys!  Side note: I just googled hickeys to make sure I was spelling it right and yikes...

All right, that's all for now.  Only 6 days left!

Have you been grilling anything delicious? 
Have you ever gotten any embarrassing bruises?


  1. We are going to be grilling a ton down at the shack this weekend! And the only awkward bruise I have right now is on my forearm where I had to get blood taken - ouch! Have fun in Cape May, love you!

    1. Yes, beach grilling is the best! I hate getting blood taken. I guess my barbell hickeys were worth it since I PRed my clean & jerk this morning, woot!!!! Have a great weekend, love you too!!!!

  2. I've totally been craving grilled food too! Our plan is steak tonight :) And I can' t believe this is your 5th Whole30 - so awesome!

  3. You're doing such a good job! I've been afraid to eat out...I do not want to be running for the bathroom!


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