Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vball & CrossFit & Coaching... Oh My!

Monday, 5/13/13

2 hours of volleyball - We play vball at Dave's church and it's pretty competitive!  I never played organized volleyball growing up, but I was friends with some vball players and played a ton of backyard volleyball over the years.  Playing at church I've learned a lot more technique and strategy.  My objective is no longer just to get it over the net, but instead set up an awesome spike for someone or read where someone is going to hit it and position myself defensively.  I've been working on my overhand serve for a while, but things have seemed to click recently!

Tuesday, 5/14/13

CrossFit (before work!)
Skill: Double Unders
WOD: Annie (Benchmark)
- Double Unders
- Sit-ups

I completed the workout in 15:11!  If you couldn't get doubles then three singles counted for one double.  I typically do three singles between each double, so I counted each double attempt as two.  Double unders are not my friend, I did a few consecutively but they got worse and worse as I got tired.  I was the second to last person to finish the workout, but I was glad I kept attempting the dubs.  Last time we did double unders Dave just couldn't get the timing right, but he got his first one and many more!

Wednesday, 5/15/13

WOD: Lurong (Benchmark)
Complete 5 Rounds of:
- 20 Burpees
- 20 KB Swings (36, 53) - I did 26 lbs
For Time!

I finished in 15:18 and OMG, this was absurd.  When I looked it up on the website I thought, oh that's not too bad, burpees kind of suck but it's just my body weight and I kind of like kettlebell swings.  WRONG.  This workout was so hard.  I realized how hard it was going to be when I was winded after the first round.  Dave said he thought he was going to throw up afterwards.  Burpees suck!  There were quite a few times when I got down to my belly during the burpees, and I just laid there trying to catch my breath, contemplating never getting back up.  My partner really pushed me through this one, he kept repeating "just keep moving" and somehow I did.

Thursday, 5/16/13

Coached cheerleading - Practice has been pretty low impact for me these days because we're gearing up for some performances, so I'm doing a lot more shouting (counts, cues, and corrections) than anything else.  I still manage to work up quite a sweat, but I'm not sure how much of a workout I'm really getting.

Unfortunately, this weekend was majorly lacking in fitness.  My time was spent socializing with friends and family, attending church, and sitting around at the airport.  I really want to get to CrossFit three times a week (at least!) but I'm finding it difficult.  I'm definitely busy, but more often than not it's not my schedule that's holding me back, it's my super sore muscles!  I am so sore after every CrossFit workout.  I know that using my muscles would help to loosen things up, but at the same time I know that rest is important and I don't want to do too much too soon and end up injured.  Combine super sore muscles with the temptations of sleeping in, going to happy hour, walking on the trail with my dog, taking my sweet time getting dinner on the table, etc... and well, a lot of the time CrossFit just doesn't win that battle.  I probably should be more diligent about stretching and foam rolling but I'm also hoping as I get stronger and more used to the different exercises, I will be less sore and going three or four times a week will turn into a habit.

Do you workout when you're sore?  How do you combat sore muscles?


  1. omg, so funny that you posted about being sore. I'm so sore today, I was walking funny. I haven't felt like this in a LONG time . . . but I guess my weekend GPP Fitness workout seriously kicked my butt. I went to the gym anyways, and now I sort of regret it. I dont' know that it really helped--I feel a bit worse. Rest would have been a better idea. So early to bed tonight to see how I feel tomorrow! :)

  2. I'd like to say that I work through the pain, but I usually sit on my butt until the soreness subsides, ha. :-)

  3. Volleyball seems way too hard for me to even attempt, yay for your game going great lately! Girl, your crossfit abilities amaze me. That stuff is SO difficult.
    I do like to workout when I'm sore - but just an easy, longer run to shake out my muscles. If I'm really really sore, I take the day off. I hate being patient but it's totally worth it. I foam roll like crazy to deal with soreness!


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