Monday, May 13, 2013

How Many More Times?

Although I'm hearing an awesome Led Zeppelin song in my head, the title of this post is not referring to my love doing me wrong.  No, it's about... you guessed it... food.  (Well, the more I think about it, maybe this post is about my love doing me wrong lol.)

Sunday was a day that revolved around family and eating.  I made brunch for my mama and it was Paleo and delicious.  Dinner with Dave's family was a different story.  Throughout the evening I managed to drink an entire bottle of white wine to the face.  Finishing dinner with a giant piece of cherry cheesecake certainly didn't help anything.  My evening ended with a huge swollen tummy and a belly ache.  Shocking, I know.

But wait... didn't I just do this last weekend?  Cinco de Mayo, which involved a total of 2 pina coladas and 2 beers (aka not really all that much), left me feeling like complete crap on Monday despite getting 9.5 hours of sleep Sunday night.  I literally had a headache the entire day and thought, ugh I cannot do this to myself.

So how many more times can I put myself through the same thing before I learn?  I don't want to wake up feeling craptastic after getting 9.5 hours of sleep... that's just silly!  I don't want to lay in my bed unable to fall asleep because my stomach feels like it's going to explode.  So, why is this so hard?

Well, because booze is fun and Dave's mom's desserts are (almost) worth the tummy ache.  But there's a difference between having a glass of wine and drinking the whole bottle.  And there's a difference between having a taste of dessert and purposely picking out the biggest piece that was cut.  I desperately need to find a balance!

Ugh.  I really want to stop talking about food fails!  Honestly, most of the time I am making awesome food choices and I feel great.  But when I fail, it's epic and my body lets me know just how it feels about it.

Do you ever eat or drink things that you know will make you feel bad afterwards?  How do you handle treats?


  1. So I have had this conversation with myself a million times over the last few years after a little overindulging, so I can totally relate! But I think with eating and food choices we have to acknowledge that the habits that we are breaking took a lifetime to build, so it's not realistic to expect yourself to just suddenly NEVER want something that you have an emotional or maybe even sentimental attachement too.

    I think in the long run if you are always conscious of trying to do better for your body, it's not worth beating yourself up if in the short run you experience a few "two steps forward, one step back" type things. For me, for a long time I couldn't fathom giving up beer. It just did. not. compute. even though I knew it made me feel like crap. So I would just indulge on occasion and then always beat myself up for it. But I did it less and less, and then just recently I was out of town for a weekend and the whole crowd was playing beer pong and I actually really didn't WANT to play with beer specifically because it just didn't seem worth it at the time. (I opted for cider, I was no saint! ha!) But a little lightbulb went off for me. 3 years ago I would have felt deprived if I didn't play along with beer. 2 years ago I would have played along and just "paid the price" the next day. A few months ago I finally got a place where I was like " thanks."

    I guess my long winded comment could be summed up like this: Evolution. It happens. Don't beat yourself up. Your awareness alone means you are doing just fine. :)

  2. Hang in there--and try not to be too hard on yourself. It was a celebration weekend . . . that's different than just any old night. I do get down on myself when I indulge in too much wine AND too much dessert . . . so I understand.

    One thing I've done . . . I've tried to shift gears a bit and treat my wine AS dessert. So, if I decide that I'd like to have a few cocktails throughout an evening, that IS my dessert. It's one or the other. I make a decision what I'd like and stick to it.

  3. Honestly, we are only human! We are bound to mess up. Just take it as a learning experience. Whatever you do, don't restrict yourself from having certain things! Restriction triggers deprivation, which then triggers minor binges. It's a vicious cycle that took me a bit to get away from. Stay strong, girlfriend! You got this. :)

  4. It's a line I'm always crossing!!! I hate the feeling after where my stomach is so bloated it hurts to move, mine is a different reason (just found out I'm allergic to gluten) so when a little slips in, it's bad news bears!


  5. I'm the same way. I am also trying to find balance. Right now I'm an all or nothing girl!

  6. I get these strange cravings for a store bought white cake with white icing and I will go get one and eat two huge pieces for lunch. I know it's going to be terrible and make my belly hurt, but it's almost like I have to do it every now and then to prove to myself that it's still terrible for me!

  7. Girlfriend, you ARE NOT alone here. I eat so well for so long and then have too much of a splurge and I wind up feeling less than perfect. You know what though, it's not a failure, it's what keeps you on the right track MAJORITY of the time. Those moments remind us of why we are on the right track to begin with, and honestly, without days like that every now and then, I might forget what it's like to be healthy most of the time, something I don't want. I can't even remember how I used to be a few years ago - eating crap like that all the time and feeling so lethargic all the time. I'd rather have one or two days a month feeling like than the majority of the time spent feeling like that. So, for sure, I get your frustrations, but this is not a failure - more like a reminder of why we do what we do. You're doing a great job, I promise.

  8. Ugh. Yep. I feel ya. I've been struggling with this same exact thing. Like you, I feel like weekends are always when things get a bit out of control. The booze for sure, is tough. This sounds silly but, sometimes I get really frustrated that I know how great I can feel when I eat well because, it makes me SUPER aware of how crappy I feel when I don't make the good choices. I know it's a good thing that I'm aware but sometimes I just want to eat all the crap with no consequences!! Such is life. Better to be aware and be in control most of the time than not at all.

  9. I am very aware that if I eat crap I'll feel like crap. I don't mindless eat anymore so I have a chance to really think about the consequences. Most of the time I think it's worth it. Either the emotional feeling I get eating socially (like frozen yogurt with friends) or the actually deliciousness of something. It's SO hard finding that balance because we are surrounded by "treats" all the time.

  10. Ah same problem all of the others who have commented. I do now eat more mindfully and I make the decision to not eat food that makes me feel crappy afterward, it was hard at first but now I'm ok with it.


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