Monday, July 1, 2019

Baby #2: Week 20

Wow halfway!  I know the last 10 weeks or so will drag on, but right now it really feels like time is flying.  I cannot believe it is already July.

I forgot to mention last week that I'm finally feeling consistent movement.  It still mostly just feels like little flutters, but once in a while I get a big kick and it's all so exciting.  Feeling a person move inside of me has to be one of the coolest things I'll ever experience.

Week 20 started off with our anatomy scan ultrasound.  We already knew our little peanut is a girl, but this scan looks at so much more and it's really just amazing.  We saw her little heart beating away, saw her spine, her brain, other organs.  We got to see her grab her foot.  They estimated her at 12 ounces and said everything looked normal and reassuring.  She's right on track!

Not creepy at all rightAs you can see on the right, she was folded in half for most of the scan.  There may also be an alien behind her...

Here's a comparison shot of V vs. Baby #2.

Congratulations, it's a gremlin!

I also got the results back from my latest blood test, which screened for neural tube defects, such as spina bifida, as well as other chromosomal abnormalities, and it came back negative as well.  I feel so relieved to know that she is doing well in there :)

I debated skipping the gym on Wednesday.  I stayed up too late on Tuesday night and thought I could go on Thursday instead.  But then I woke up naturally at 5:15 am and figured it was fate.  Similar to last Wednesday, the focus was overhead squats.

The pause OH squats felt nice and easy and I worked up to 91#.  I did Nancy Rx except I rowed the 400m and I finished in 17:34.  My shoulder was bothering me a little bit when I snatched the weight, but once it was overhead it felt totally fine.  Why you suck left shoulder?!

On Thursday all the furniture was delivered!  I ordered the dressers from Wayfair and the delivery process was super smooth.  I was able to easily change my delivery appointment online, then the day of you can track the truck, see how many stops it is behind you and when they are expected to come.  There's a phone number for the delivery driver if you need to contact them.  They called me 30 mins before arriving, right in the middle of my 4 hour window, and when they showed up they were at my house for 5 minutes and delivered my stuff with a smile.  Oh and the shipping fee was only $20.

My buybuyBABY delivery was the complete opposite.  The delivery was through Pilot Freight Services and I would not recommend them to anybody.  I never heard from them all day and there was no way to track what was happening.  An hour after our delivery window, I called them to check the status and they said it would be another hour.  I was so annoyed, I was home all day and now they were telling me they were going to deliver my stuff right when I need to go pick up V.  And buybuyBABY's only option is to deliver with a signature, so they refused to just leave it in my garage if I wasn't there.  I rushed out of the house to try and grab a few things from Wegmans and get V early to get back in time, but I was in the middle of Wegmans when they called and told me they'd be there in 25 minutes.  I called Dave and he was able to leave work early to be there for the delivery.  When the driver pulled up 2.25 hours after our delivery window, he was short with Dave, didn't even offer an apology for being so late, and was smoking a vape.  I paid $99 for "white glove delivery" (aka the cheapest option on their website)... what the F!  I would've ordered the crib from Wayfair if it was in stock, but I was stuck with buybuyBABY.  I miss Babies R Us and the option to pick up the stuff at their store for free like we did last time.  I wrote them a super long nastygram on their delivery feedback and also wrote them a message in their contact us form.  I want a refund for the delivery fee, but I'm really not holding my breath.

Thankfully I was able to wash all my stress away with our weekend in Cape May!  It was super hot, which meant we were in the water constantly.  Vienna loves the ocean and has no fear.  My in-laws spoil us with childcare, delicious food, and rides everywhere.  We took Vienna to the arcade for the first time and she loved the stupid little rides.  We caught up with Karisa and Frank and their kiddos.  We stayed out way too late with Kay and Trip.  And we celebrated Dave's birthday!

I'm definitely still trying to catch up on sleep.  Staying out until 1 am (when I was pregnant last time) was totally fine when I got to sleep in and then nap on the beach.  Not the case these days!  I'm slightly worried about how I'm going to handle Folk Fest because not getting enough sleep just makes me feel terrible right now.  I'm guessing I'm going to get a little wild with some extra coffee.

In other pregnancy related happenings, I had my first real battle with heartburn on the way home from the beach.  I remember having it in the second trimester last time, so hopefully this isn't a regular occurrence now.  It sucked.

Deja vu!  20 weeks in both pics, 4 lbs heavier this time around.  I think my belly is a little bigger and I know my boobs are!  I kinda feel like a blimp.  I'm considering doing a "super healthy eating week" after the holiday weekend to get myself reigned in a little, things have gotten really loose as of late.  I'm thinking about doing a Whole7, but I'm not sure about being that strict, maybe I'll keep some cheese and rice or something.  I know I'd feel less tired if I was eating super clean and I'm sure it would help me avoid any heartburn too.

Painting is happening this weekend... so I guess I'll have a final decision on the color next week.  Stay tuned!

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