Thursday, June 1, 2017

Our Long Weekend in Arizona Part 2: A Wonderful Wedding & Climbing Cathedral Rock

Part 1: Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock Hike, The Hudson, and Midgley Bridge

The ceremony was held in Red Rock State Park under the shade of a huge tree.  The weather was absolutely perfect (after the forecast was calling for rain all week) and the ceremony was really touching.  I couldn't help but tear up during the vows they had written for each other. It was beautiful.  Congrats Drew & Alexa!

After a few family pics, we were on our own for a few hours before the reception started.  The venue was the Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village, a really cool little complex with art galleries, shops, and restaurants, so we headed right there to check out Oak Creek Brewery.  Dave drank, I ate some fries, and we got to know some of Dave's cousin's long time family friends.  And soon enough it was time for the party to start!

The reception was wonderful.  The space was so cute with a lot of special touches from the couple including a Polaroid camera setup to fill their guest book with fun shots.  The chicken marsala dinner was delicious.  The DJ was great and we even got Aunt Linda on the dance floor for the cupid shuffle.  It was a really fun wedding and I think the couple really got to enjoy it!

After jamming all the decorations into the groom's car, we headed back to the house for the after party where I somehow managed to stay up until 2 am to laugh with/at all the drunk people.

Sunday had a slow start.  Dave was hungover and I was pretty tired too.  I spent the morning soaking up some sun on the back porch until we were finally ready for another hike!

We headed up the road to Cathedral Rock for a 1 mile hike up to a look out point.  The hike was labeled moderate difficulty so we figured we'd just take our time with lots of breaks and see what I could do.  A mile seemed doable.  The first part of the hike was fairly easy and when we got up to the base of the rocky portion the view was so cool.

Then we started heading up the rock and about half way, it got pretty steep.  There were foot holes in the rock and we started to use our hands for part of it.  When we got to the top of that section I suddenly felt a bit of regret, I really didn't want to go back down it.  We took a little break and I was feeling slightly anxious.  I wanted to continue and we were so close!  But my gut was telling me no.  The portion above us looked even more difficult and I decided that it wasn't a good life choice to keep going.  I am not a rock climber!


I went back down the steep portion with a crab walk, dragging my butt along some parts, and it wasn't that bad.  As soon as we got back down, I was so mad at myself for not going all the way.  I was really bummed, but just had to remember that I was better safe than sorry.  We hiked a little around the base of the rock and then called it a day.

We spent our last night in the house hanging with our family and enjoying delicious steaks on the grill.  Then we said our goodbyes and headed to bed nice and early.

To be continued with our awesome day at the Grand Canyon...

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