Friday, June 23, 2017

My Pregnancy: Week 25

The big event this week was my shower on Saturday!  It was held at Calvary Church, in a perfect little room for the event, and decorated beautifully.  The flowers were gorgeous, the food was yummy, and all the small touches were just adorable.  It was everything I hoped for and I was overwhelmed with the generosity and love I felt at the shower.  Dave and I are truly blessed with amazing family and friends and Baby Midgley is already so loved!

After skipping the gym all last week (being sick on Monday, golfing Friday, with a ton of stuff jammed in between), I decided to make it a priority this week.  I hit the gym Monday (actually week 24) and hit a 115# clean and jerk, followed by a workout of 66 jerks at 75# and 25 calories on the assault bike.

Whoa meatball.

Wednesday (also technically week 24) we were snatching and I made it all the way up to 95#!  I love that lifting still feels so good.  The workout was 5 rounds of 3 snatches, 6 bar over burpees that I did as squat thrusters with a step over, 9 hang cleans, and I subbed the 27 dubs for 5 calories on the assault bike.  The Rx weight was 75# and I decided to take it a little lighter since sometimes hang cleans hurt my back, but 65# felt incredibly easy, especially in the snatches.  Oh well!  And Friday we did this gem of a workout.

I finished in 22:29 and modified with step ups instead of box jumps, 75# for my front squats, and I still have my kipping pull ups!  I keep wondering if I should cut them (to avoid overdoing it and ended up with a worse ab separation), but they still feel great.  I feel like just by listening to my body, it's been pretty easy to tell when I should nix a movement.  So for now, I'm keeping them.  I keep saying how easy they'll be when I'm not carrying around all these extra lbs.

On Tuesday I hit some front squats (2x5 at 99#) and then the workout was wallballs, burpees (squat thrusts for me), and running (assault bike) and my quads were on fire.  I'm definitely noticing it takes me a little longer to recover after the WODs these days.  I just need some time to sit and chill before I can run off to shower.

Other pregnancy things this week:  my feet always hurt!  They may be a little swollen, nothing crazy, but it literally takes zero time on my feet for them to start seriously aching.  I'm trying to wear comfy supportive shoes, but it doesn't matter.  Some mornings I wake up and they still hurt from the day before.  It's not fun.  My back has also started aching a bit when I'm sitting at work all day.  I try to mix in time on the exercise ball I'm borrowing from a coworker, but I usually get sick of that too.  I need to incorporate more awkward under my desk midday stretching.

I'm also going back and forth with my body image.  Sometimes I feel like I'm just belly (and GIANT boobs) and then other times I just feel like a whale.  Everyone at my shower was telling me how great I look, so that was a nice confidence booster.  But the scale tells a different story.  I also need to choose my clothing carefully.  I've had a few days where I've worn stuff that was restrictive and just made me extremely uncomfortable all day.  And the other day I swore I could feel a stretch mark forming lol.  Thankfully none to report yet.  My belly button is almost flat though, it's really weird.

Another new-ish symptom is I'm noticeably more emotional lately.  Little things will really set me off and I'll end up crying over something that's not really worth it.  I have a feeling this one is only going to get worse for most of the remaining calendar year.  Dave is screwed.

The third trimester is right around the corner, holy moly!

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