Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Pregnancy: Weeks 23 & 24

Week 23:

I didn't make it to the gym most of the calendar week, but I went Friday and had another great workout.  The strength was back squat but my left knee has been a little cranky, so I decided to do the snatch complex from the day before and I made it up to a 90# power snatch!  Then the workout was Jackie, rest 3 minutes, and then a half Jackie (only 35# for women).

When I first started, I was thinking maybe I would do less time on the rower.  My hands were still kind of ripped up from Murph, so I was thinking about cutting some of the pull up reps too.  I also considered doing Jackie and then skipping the half or making it just 1/4.  And then I felt good on the rower, turned my brain off, and just did the whole damn thing.  I finished Jackie in 15:53 and then crushed the half Jackie in 6:23, with everyone around me cheering while I finished.  I felt so proud and remembered the first time I did Jackie in 2013 when I could barely do the pull ups with two resistance bands!

On Saturday we attended a perfect little farm wedding.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and really made the night.  They had a Quaker ceremony which was incredibly simple, but it was short and sweet and really suited the couple.  The flowers were dazzling and the reception barn decor was so cute.  It was a wonderful evening full of friendship, love, and dancing.  And photo shoots, thanks Heather!

My weekend ended with a rough Sunday night.  I either ate something crappy or picked up some germs off the train because I was up 5 different times sitting on the toilet and decided to skip work Monday.  I laid on the couch all day and tried to rally, but ultimately decided to skip our last birth class.  I was really disappointed, but getting in the car and driving to Philly was the last thing I wanted to do and I didn't want to risk getting the other girls sick.

On Tuesday, one of my mommy fairy godmothers came over with a van full of goodies for Baby M!  Aunt Kimber brought over a glider, a pack n play, a high chair, some clothes and toys.  Then on Wednesday Dave picked up our nursery furniture from Babies R Us!  The staff at the store kept asking him if he wanted to make two trips, but he said nope!

Dave and his dad lugged all the furniture in the house and set up the dressers.  Dave's dad wouldn't let me help carry anything, he didn't want me to hurt myself.  Insert all the eye rolls haha.

Week 24:

On Thursday I had an OB appointment and the doctor finally acknowledged my weight gain.  She was very nice about it and the topic didn't come as a surprise since I've gained over 30 lbs already.  She started tell me how I should be eating, focusing on protein and fiber and watching my carbs and I just laughed.  I know exactly how I should be eating.  I'm not doing a Whole30 any time soon, but I'm trying to take things down a notch.  Maybe I'll stop eating ice cream directly out of the carton.  Maybe.  We also talked a little bit about Hypnobabies and she was really open to hearing more about it, which was nice because some of the mothers in my natural birth support group on Facebook have posted about receiving a lot of negative feedback from their OBs.

On Friday I attended a golf outing for the American Society of Highway Engineers and I was really unsure of how I was going to play.  All week my coworkers had been joking with me about swinging around my belly, but I figured either way it would be a nice day out of the office.  And then I played the best game of my life!  I drove the ball straighter than ever, had a lot of nice hits in general, and my putting was actually decent.  I had a lot of fun and the weather was perfect.

On Sunday my dad came over to help Dave finish putting the furniture together.  I'm so happy all the furniture is ready to go in the nursery, it is so beautiful.

And now I can nest!  I started going through all the hand me down clothes we have and I washed all the newborn and 0-3 month clothes.  The clothes were killing me, I was literally getting emotional.  Everything is SO tiny!  I just can't believe we are going to have such a tiny little baby to care for in a few months!

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