Thursday, January 8, 2015

January Whole30: Meal Plan Days 6-10

Hello!  How's it going?  Tomorrow is Day 5 and I think I've officially made it past the detox phase, thank God!  I'll have a recap of my first few days this weekend, but for now let's do some meal planning!  So far I've mostly followed my meal plan with a few random substitutions or changes.

Friday (Day 5)
Saturday (Day 6)
Sunday (Day 7)
  • Lunch: Leftover Jicama Home Fries and an egg casserole (which will also be breakfast for the week) - 12 eggs, chopped apple chicken sausage, caramelized onions and probably some sauteed shredded sweet potato, cooked for 25-30 minutes at 400 degrees until the eggs are set
  • Dinner: Chicken Tortilla Soup
Monday (Day 8)
Tuesday (Day 9)
Wednesday (Day 10)
  • Lunch: Leftover Lemon Ginger Chicken and Asian Cauliflower Fried Rice
  • Dinner: ???  

Ok that's it for now!  I tried to plan more days than that but we're going to a Flyer's game on Thursday and we have my company holiday party Friday night so I'm still trying to decide how I'm going to handle those nights.  We'll see!

What are your favorite Whole30 recipes?  Please share!


  1. Good luck next weekend! We've been loving any and all Mexican flavors with everything this past week. Next week -- Indian and Greek!

    1. I could totally eat Mexican every week :) Greek sounds yummy. Are you pairing something with the baba ganoush? I've made these before & they were pretty good but they definitely need a topping (aka bring on the baba!)

  2. Oooof I'm finally on day five of my sugar detox and I'm also really hoping I'm past the worst of it. That's a shitty first few days for sure. Have you made those jicama fries before? I've always been curious about how those taste. Congrats on making it over the hump!

    1. The jicama fries were really tasty! It was a nice change from sweet potatoes all the time haha. Hope you're feeling better!


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