Thursday, August 2, 2012

Some Updates

Well, here’s a random round up of some of the things going on right now in my life:

Workouts - I've been fitting them in, yay!  Last week I got up and ran before work, small miracle!  It was a quick 2 miles that were pretty intense, but then again my average pace was a 9:30.  I'm sure I'd feel more relaxed doing a 10:30, the pace I was training for my half at but I do like that I'm getting faster and I can handle suffering for 20 minutes.  We also hit the gym last week for the first time in a long time when our friend Angela brought us as guests to her gym on Wednesday.  I did a lot of free weights including squats and lunges with 20 pounders in my hands and my legs were feeling it for days!  I'd like to keep joining her at the gym if we can make our schedules work.  And I started this week with my 3rd hot yoga class Monday night.  I attended two the first week I activated my Groupon and since have been slacking, but knowing I would be meeting Ashley there was the perfect motivation I needed to get there.  I've had a different instructor at each class I've attended, but Monday night's may have been my fave.  She really pushed us but was very casual and catered to everyone's needs.  I guess it was obvious that I really went for it in bow pose because she came over and rubbed my back afterwards which was amazing.  Needless to say my back muscles are still feeling it!  And then last night the cheer season started so I did some random conditioning with the girls (push-ups, burpees, planks, etc.) and then when I got home I was still feeling inspired enough to do some random lifting with my 10 pounders.  Boom!

Eats - This topic definitely deserves an entire post dedicated to it, but for now I'll give you the skinny.  Dave and I have been trying to follow The Paleo Diet (which is not really a diet, more of a lifestyle change), which includes meats, veggies, oils, fruits, and nuts, and avoids all grains, legumes, dairy, sugar, and all processed foods.  We're actually following more of the Primal way of eating outlined on Mark’s Daily Apple because we haven't given up dairy (because well, I may or may not be obsessed with cheese).  The basic principal is that fat doesn't make you fat, processed carbs do.  So the "diet" is based on eating tons of veggies with fat and protein, a nice combo that makes you full and doesn't spike your blood sugar.  I could try and explain all the ins and outs of it, but you should just take a minute and read this!  It's an easy read (aka not boring science terms) and covers a lot.  To say that we've been following it perfectly would be a laughable lie, but we've been eating burgers in lettuce wraps, extra veggies with dinner instead of starchy sides, lunchmeat roll-ups instead of sandwiches, and I can't say I'm really missing the carbs.  When I do cheat (someone serves me something that I just don't want to refuse, or when I really just can't resist a slice of pizza or some ice cream) I actually find myself feeling kind of awful afterwards.  I don't know, we are still trying to figure things out but I've lost a few lbs and Dave is down 7 or 8 lbs!  Bring on the bacon.

Life - Did I mention we're busy?!  One wedding down, 4 to go, 2 of which I'm in and they are back to back weekends in October.  Between wedding events, beach trips, and a music festival, we are literally booked every single weekend until mid October!  We've got another busy weekend on the horizon, I'm prepping and hosting a bridal shower, Dave's leading church, and hopefully we can squeeze in some time in the sun!  Oh and like I mentioned before, let's add cheerleading to the mix!  I have been coaching for the same organization for the past 12 years.  This year I wanted to step back since I moved 40 minutes away and I'm in the middle of wedding extravaganza 2012... but there's no way I can quit cold turkey!  So this year I am not technically coaching, but I'm the cheer safety board member for the organization, aka I can help with all the squads but I am not committed to 4 nights a week!  I love coaching because I love choreographing routines and making them come to life, it definitely keeps me active, and volunteering is so fulfilling!  I love seeing the girls grow, get stronger, and progress their skills.

Anyway, there's a quick update on some random things going on in my world right now!  Tomorrow is Friday, get pumped Open-mouthed smile

Are you getting those workouts in?  Have you heard of the Paleo Diet?  Do you have a packed summer schedule?


  1. Oh wow, five weddings within a couple months? That sounds crazy and hectic, but also so fun! :)

  2. We were just talking about how crazy a summer it has been (and will be) and how we're actually looking forward to when things settle down for a while after all these weddings! On that note, I'm excited to spend the day with you all tomorrow! xoxo

  3. This summer has been completely packed. I can't wait until Labor day week where I'll have a few days off work to be up north and relax! BTW, I nominated you for the Liebster Award!

  4. Wow you have been busy! But it's great that you're still able to eat well and keep up with the exercise! Once you get back into a routine it's much easier to keep up the momentum. When I am super busy the first thing that goes is the healthy eating, and then I feel worse. It's not worth it!

  5. I am so excited to hear about your paleo adventure - it sounds like it is off to such a great start and I look forward to reading more about it!

  6. Interested in hearing more about your Paleo adventures! What have you been cookin in the kitchen? Love that you are doing hot yoga I have yet to try but you have motivated me to test the heat ;) Love and Shine CourtStar


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