Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ode to Folk Fest

When I was in high school, I used to write funny haiku back and forth with a friend.  Since I could never really describe the Philadelphia Folk Fest experience to you, I decided to write some haiku!  Some of them might not make any sense… but enjoy Smile

Carry all our stuff
Why didn't we pack less crap?
God bless the wagon

Rain, rain, go away
Giant mud pits everywhere
Oh God, don't fall in

Go nap in the shade
I forgot to sleep last night
Found a hammock, win!

Hey Captain Burnout
Disrespect me in my site?!
You're not welcome here

I need a shower
I refuse to pay for one
Let's go to the creek!

Bag of Doritos
Filled up with taco toppings
2 dollars?!  Heck yes

A campground wedding
Men in tuxes, bride full gown
Emotional crowd

I don't know your name
Tell me again tomorrow
Still won't remember

Getting all folked up
Yelling weird things with my friends
DJ Lighterback

Kodiak brown bear
Coming down the mountain, With a
Salmon in its mouth!

Champagne koozie please
Required for my Andre
You've been champoozled

Get a tan... or burn
Groove, sway, and dance your butt off
Pasta salad feast

Meet tons of new friends
Go see some amazing bands
Special bonds are formed


Have you ever been to a music festival?  Do you like camping?  Anybody up for writing some haiku?!


  1. This is great. My favorite part:

    I don't know your name
    Tell me again tomorrow
    Still won't remember

    That's me on a regular basis haha.

  2. Somehow I missed this post on your blog. Glad I've been going through your posts. This made me extremely happy, as of course I understand them all.


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