Monday, March 12, 2012

Half Marathon Training: Week 10

Week 10:
- Monday, 2.25 hours of volleyball at Dave's church, 20 mins online yoga videos
- Tuesday, 2.37 mi in the park, 25 mins
- Wednesday, 4.75 mi in the park, 47:33
- Thursday, better than nothing arm weights
- Friday, 2.04 mi run/walk/wait for Puddin' to sniff things, 40 minutes
- Saturday, better than nothing arms & abs in the living room
- Sunday, Shock Run 5K 3.09 (according to my Garmin), 29:09 (PR!!!), 20 minute dog walk
- Total Mileage = 12.25 mi

Look, look, look!  I worked out every day this week!  I ran 4(ish) times!  I even did some yoga!

Goals for week 10:
- Run 4 times: B+
- Read the owners manual for my Garmin: F (oops forgot)
- Lift my arms twice: A
- Determine when I will activate my Groupon: D

It was either walk the dog or run on Friday and I decided I couldn't leave the pooch home but I needed to get this 4th run in!  Puddin' likes to stop and sniff everything while she's on a walk and I can't really take the thing she loves most away from her on her one walk of the day.  So the run/walk was a mix of walking, painfully slow jogging (Puddin's favorite pace), me doing squats and lunges and stretching while waiting for her, and some regular paced running when Puddin' seemed to figure out what pace I actually wanted to go at.  It was definitely a better than nothing run, but yay for running 4 times!

I wanted to start my Groupon this week but I had to make a last minute appointment and we're going away this weekend so it's just not going to work.  I don't want to keep pushing this off, but at the same time I have to use all 20 classes in a 3 month span, so I want to make sure I can get my money's worth and not set myself up for failure.

I did 2 different yoga videos online on Monday.  The first one was only a 5 minute quicky off of youtube and the other was from this website that my sister told me about,  I picked out a 45 minute video, but only did the first 15 minutes.  That's the beauty of online videos!  I really need to go out and get a yoga mat, the kitchen floor just isn't working out for me.

Goals for week 11:
- Run 4 times, which is me challenging myself because my training plan had this as a nice little relaxing week with 3 runs and the holiday this weekend.  But I'm still trying to get back up to where I should be in my plan, so I don't want to slack this week.  Gotta get that!
- Workout my arms & abs twice

And can we just talk about how amazing the weather is going to be in PA this week?!  I have a meeting in the field tomorrow (aka underneath the always scenic I-95), I'm really looking forward to enjoying the fresh air and the 70s!  How's the weather near you?  I hope you get a chance to get out and enjoy that extra hour of daylight!

Do you own a yoga mat?  Any preferences or recommendations?


  1. I love my lime green yoga mat! The great thing about them is they're super portable and not too pricey. I'd say my only suggestion is to get one that won't slip (obviously). Does Puddin' get all up in your business when you try and do yogs in the house?

    1. Uh yes! Puddin' always tries to make out with me whenever I'm on the floor! Sometimes I'll do abs and get Puddin' kisses at the top and get an extra burn from all the giggling :)

  2. I have a bright pink yoga mat! I think it was like the $15 one at Target, so nothing special but it works just fine! :) I hope you enjoy it - it can be a relaxing, yet good exercise!

  3. I had just a regular mat that I got from walmart that worked just fine. I then got an extra thick mat from the studio in SC and I will say that I love my extra cushy mat. It's the same material, just thicker. Really just a cheap one from anywhere will serve you well, but if you want an extra pretty pattern or can't find one you like I recommend going to the Gaiam website.

  4. Great workouts this week!

    We have an Aurorae yoga mat, which I chose because the founder of the company personally responds to product inquiries and I thought that was pretty neat. I rarely use it when I do yoga at home.


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