Sunday, December 11, 2011

Seems Obvious

My weekend started with a semi-rough Friday.  My stomach was killing me all day.  I drank some coffee in the morning and all day I was thinking it was to blame.  I've been drinking lots of tea lately.  I'll use the same teabag for two or three cups of tea throughout the morning.  I'm loving, it doesn't leave an awful taste in my mouth, give me the jitters, or require lots of sugar and cream like coffee.  I loving having a warm beverage in the morning, so it's working out.

But on Friday, I had coffee.  And a tummy ache.  Then there was this moment where it dawned on me... I ate complete crap all day.

Leftover chicken mixed with broccoli in cheese sauce
1 cup of coffee with peppermint creamer

2 slices of plain pizza, 1 slice veggie pizza
1 cup of Sprite

2 Miller Lite drafts
2 1/2 pierogies with sour cream
A crabcake sandwich with a few french fries

2 glasses of Sprite with Captain
1 slice of plain pizza
3 or 4 mini cocktail hot dogs in crescent rolls
Some chips with dip and salsa

Holy hell.  I really should be fat.  I read healthy living blogs... people that follow vegetarian and vegan diets, people that include vegetables in every meal, and then I eat 4 slices of pizza and drink soda all day.  Epic fail.  It's really eye opening writing it here for everyone.  So I ate like crap and I felt like crap.  As soon as I realized it, it seemed so obvious.  I feel like part of trying to live a healthy lifestyle is just recommitting over and over.

Anyway, Saturday Dave and I spent the day in Philly.  We took the train down in the afternoon and our first stop was our friend Devon's apartment.

After some quality catch up time, we headed out to get some margaritas and awesome Mexican food at Cantina.

Before we left the house in the morning I made a goal to eat vegetarian for the day and just generally to eat better than I did the day before.  So in addition to the veggie egg quesadilla I made for breakfast, I also chose the vegetarian quesadilla for dinner, with some guacamole on the side of course.  Not ridiculously healthy but better than the day before and at least I got my veggies in.

It was extremely tasty and so were the margaritas!  I now know why my friends all rave about this restaurant.

Then we headed to the Flyers game!  The game was exciting, they won and we had a blast!


My Sunday included church, putting hundreds (yes, hundreds) of ornaments on my parents' Christmas tree, taking a nap, and watching football.  Tomorrow is Monday, but I have Friday off and no full weeks of work until the second week of January.  Not too shabby.  Lots to do before the holidays, so I will be busy, busy but I'm really feeling like it's the most wonderful time of the year...

Do you notice a difference in how you feel when you eat healthier?


  1. Don't feel too bad, A. We all go through stages of eating really well and then falling off the wagon. I've found that keeping track of what I eat, whether it be in a journal or online ( is awesome!) really helps keep things in check. I'm not TOO shabby at getting my veggies/fruits in but I think my intake of sodium needs to be adjusted for sure. Cheese & salt on everything are to blame. Gym this week??

  2. We all have days like that - especially this time of the year! Some nights I get home and the last thing I want to do is pizza and breadsticks break our normally dairy free diet. But, you just enjoy it...and then make some changes the next day to get in more fruit and veg :)

    Yay for short weeks!! I have a full week this week + 1 day next week, then 6 days off, then a 4 day week, then a 3 day weekend :)


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