Thursday, December 1, 2011

Whoa December!

Anbody notice anything different around here?  It's December and the blog needed a makeover!

This week started with some fitness. Sunday included yardwork and some push-ups. Monday I went to the gym and did 40 minutes on the elliptical, yay for using that membership. Tuesday I did 35 push-ups in a row! I felt like a champion. I counted down from 35 and I think it made it feel easier to finish. When I knew I only had 5 left to do, it just made me feel like I couldn't give up. Planned to workout last night and decided to skip, fail. Tonight I did a few dumbbell arm exercises and I plan to bust out some push-ups after writing this, definitely a better than nothing workout.

A little workout inspiration this week.

I know their bodies aren't realistic, but I still love the show.  I kind of think some of the girls look like giraffes, but some of them are so beautiful and I love the lingerie, the glitter, and definitely those wings.

Is it awkward that I'm posting pictures of girls in their underwear on my blog?  Strange bird.

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm loving it. I'm ready for a weekend full of friends and food, some backyard football, and going to pick out our Christmas Tree. It's December and I'm getting in the mood for Christmas, but not before we celebrate Thanksgiving one more time with our friendsgiving, Turducken Day. I'm pumped.

I've been thinking about getting in touch with my crafty side and doing some DIY Christmas decor for Dave's house.  I am not usually very crafty, but perhaps some crafts coming up on the blog in the near future!

Are you ready for the holidays?  Do you like to decorate?

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  1. It still doesn't feel like Christmas to me! Maybe because it's December 1st and it's been so unusually warm. I'm trying to rally the boys to get a tree this Sunday too, hoorah for cute'n the place up!


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