Monday, December 26, 2011

Better Than Nothing Workout

I hope Santa treated you well this Christmas.  I'm feeling very blessed.

After eating myself silly for the past week or so, I really wanted to get myself moving today.  So Dave and I took Puddin' for a nice afternoon walk in the park.  I was feeling inspired on our walk, but shortly after I found myself cuddling a certain pooch on the couch and not wanting to move.  Cue internet inspiration.  I signed on to pinterest and saw this:


Have you ever heard of bodyrock tv?  It has a ton of workouts, including ones you can do in your living room with no equipment.  I modified this workout to my liking.

8 Minute Interval Workout

20 sec - Mountain Climbers
10 sec - Rest
20 sec - Jump switch lunges
10 sec - Rest
Repeat for 4 times, 4 minutes total.

Rest for 1 minute. 

20 sec - Push-ups
10 sec - Rest
20 sec - Planks
10 sec - Rest
Repeat for 4 times, 4 minutes total.

8 minutes later, you will be sweaty and feeling it!  This may be my new favorite way to workout.  It's very easy to keep going when you know you'll be done so soon.  I used an online timer to keep track of my intervals.  I had trouble making it through some of the intervals, but I pushed myself and I have room for measurable improvement.

What is your favorite living room exercise?

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  1. I hadn't heard of body rock tv yet - that sounds awesome! I like to do workout DVDs in the living room - my favorite is Bob Harper's cardio total body (or something like that, it's a long name!) it's a full hour, and he kicks my butt every time! I also have some Rodney Yee yoga DVD's I like, including one that's a 15 minute relaxation workout - perfect to wind down before bed!


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