Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bed & Breakfast Wedding

This weekend Dave and I went to Lancaster for his friend Carolyn's wedding.  The ceremony and reception were both held at the Cameron Estate Inn, a cute bed and breakfast which is also where we stayed.

We checked in before the ceremony and got settled into our room.  I'd never stayed at a B&B before!

The ceremony was held outside.  Thank goodness it was in the high 50s and sunny!

The ceremony was fairly short and sweet (just the way I like them haha).  The ceremony was sorta different, they had some nonreligious readings about love that I really liked.  And an acoustic Ingrid Michaelson song, loved it!

And look how adorable they are...

I love weddings!  The reception was held inside the restaurant part of the B&B.  I loved the fall theme!

Love that picture, but I can't help but think that the bartender looks kinda like a zombie in the background!  Anyway, it was a lovely wedding and we had a great time.  I don't think we're really bed and breakfast people (the bfast portion was so small I think I could've easily finished 3 or 4!) but we met some new friends and I took some mental notes for the big day in my (far, far away) future.  Congrats Carolyn and Steve :)

Have you even been to a B&B?  Did you like it?  Was the breakfast good?


  1. So sweet! I love weddings!!

  2. Beautiful :) We stayed at a B&B in Ocean City, NJ a few years back. It was so nice to meet people from all different places and start our day together. The family that owned the place was so nice and a couple of their grandkids (and dog) helped prepare breakfast. It was really homey, and they had a big porch, porch swing, and chairs outside for late night chatting/relaxing. I'm a fan!

  3. Christine PalladinoNovember 28, 2011 at 9:23 AM

    I love that you wore your bridesmaid dress from Kimber's wedding :) Looks good!!


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