Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sushi Feast & Comfy Shoes

Hello and Happy Tuesday!  Another day closer to the weekend, which I pretty much live for... especially during the summer.  This weekend the bf and I are headed to a local music festival to get our hippie on.  In the meantime...

Last night was a sushi date with the girls at Ooka in Montgomeryville.  I got the King Crab Roll (which was basically a California Roll but which actual crab instead of crab stick), and then Heather and I split the Out of Control Roll (tuna, salmon, avocado, masago) and the Baked Philadelphia Roll (eel, avocado, baked salmon, spicy cream cheese).  Everything was so yummy!  The Baked Philadelphia Roll was different from any sushi I'd ever had before, very good.  I wish I had taken some sweet pictures of all the tasty sushi but as a rookie blogger, I was not thinking about that when our food finally arrived - fail!  Let's pretend...

After finishing up our feast and raiding Sally's Beauty Supplies, we headed home and my sister and I went for a 2.5 mile walk.  What better way to get some light fitness in then strolling around your neighborhood and chatting?  Speaking of which, I think walking is going to have to be my primary form of cardio for the next few weeks since I've been having pain in the ball of my right foot for about a week now.  I believe it's related to overuse and probably stepping on a giant root or something during the huge outdoor party we had two weekends ago so my plan is to try to rest it and go from there.  This also entails not wearing any cute (unsupportive) shoes :(

Yup, I'm wearing sneaks with my dress pants today. 
At least they aren't bright white!

Today's eats include a leftover piece of Chef Boyardee pizza with mushrooms for breakfast.  Breakfast of champions, I know.  For some reason I just can't resist this pizza cold for breakfast.  Next was half of a peach Chobani (ate the other half yesterday) with some cereal, yum!  On the menu for the rest of my work day is a Granny Smith Apple, some cherries, and some leftover rice-a-roni mixed with steak, broccoli, and cauliflower (thanks to my parents' fridge).

Well hope you're having a fabulous day :)

Do you like sushi?  What's your favorite roll?


  1. Chobani = life changing yogurt. My favorite roll is definitely the old standby: spicy tuna! Hope your foot feels better; maybe try some reflexology? http://reflexologychart.info/footpain.html

  2. I never remember the name, but I love the sushi roll with avocado, cucumber and salmon. Sometimes we get it with brown rice and 'crunch' (little pieces of crunchy fried tempura) on the outside- yum :D This was the first article I read on your blog and sushi is definitely the way to my heart, so you know I'll be back. Love the pic in the background, too. PS I need to try Chobani- I haven't had it, but I've heard great things.

  3. Eeek! The eel is scaring me. But please tell me which giant root attack your foot. I'm gonna retaliate!

  4. @Shayna - Chobani is sooo delicious!

    @Josie - I used to be scared of sushi all together but now I love it and I'll try anything! And haha - thanks, that root needs to be taught a lesson!


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