Thursday, June 23, 2011

Midweek Happenings

I went to the gym last night, that's right people, twice in one week!  It's a record (well not really but definitely more than I've been going lately).  I hit the treadmill for 32 minutes, doing somewhere between 2 and 2.5 miles, I can't remember.  I did a lot of walking breaks last night, I felt great but my groin muscle (ew?) was feeling really tight with some pain so I wanted to take it easy.

Then Michelle (my sis), Alex (her bf), Nicole (one of my besties), and I went for a Chipotle feast.  I went vegetarian again, this time I got a burrito instead of the bowl though.  Soooooo delicious.  There are so many awesome ingredients that the burrito really isn't any less amazing without the meat.  And again, you can't argue with the free guac that comes with the veggie burrito!

Then we all headed over to Border's and I picked up Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food.  I plan on reading it this weekend at the beach.  And guess what, my mom already stole it from me and is in the process of reading it now.  I'm excited that she's open to hearing more about all of this.

Last night concluded with hanging out with a big group of friends (which also included teaching Heather the proper way to do a squad haha), cleaning my room, prepacking for the weekend, and some random push ups and tricep dips in my bedroom.

Today's eats:

Breakfast - Some strawberry banana Chobani with some fresh strawberries and some chocolate delight granola.  So yummy.  I love the crunch that the granola gives it.

Lunch - Still going with the quinoa salad but added some feta, some more balsamic, and some fresh broccoli from my friends' garden.  I was definitely getting kind of bored with this, but changing it up a little gave me a new appreciation.  I loved the broccoli in it and I also love that it was grown by people I love.  (I thought I took a picture of this but apparently technology failed me.)  I can't wait for more fresh produce from them and some tomatoes and cucumbers from my dad's garden.  I think having a garden would be awesome, but I'm just too lazy busy!  I really need to go on an adventure to the local farmers market!

Tomorrow is Friday, yay!!!!!

Do you grow anything?  Where do you get your produce from?


  1. I usually get my produce at Giant, but once in awhile, I'll hit up a farmer's market (like Zern's in Boyertown) or a farm stand on the road (but that one rarely happens, bc I'm usually on my way somewhere when I pass them and don't want to keep the food in the car all day). Produce Junction has good prices, too. Oh, and the kids I'm babysitting this Summer have a garden at their school and we'll be helping there once a week this Summer. In exchange, we'll be able to take some of the veggies that it produces. Cool, right? I know some areas have community gardens where you can get a plot and plant, grow, take what you want. Love that. Have fun at the shore :)

  2. Amber, I have Omnivore's Dilemma (also by Michael Pollan) if you want to read it when you are finished!

  3. Yes, I'm definitely interested Jenn!


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