Sunday, July 31, 2016

Weekly Workouts & Painting our Dining Room

This week was a little light on formal workouts.  The gym was closed on Thursday and Friday due to some work being done in another portion of the building.  I considered doing a workout at home but my entire upper body was super sore after Tuesday and Wednesday and I knew I wanted to be fresh for the weekend.  Dave and I spent most of our weekend working on the house with some help from my dad on Saturday.  After a year and a half, it was finally time to get rid of the floral wallpaper and pink walls in the dining room.  Bye Felicia!

M - Rest, long drive home from the beach

T - CrossFit
  • Strength: Power Snatch (EMOM 10) - I started at 55 lbs and worked up to 95.  They felt pretty easy until the last few where it was obvious that my left shoulder is weaker than my right.  I was happy with 95 lbs since I think that's right around my max for the power snatch (I can do more when I get down into a squat).
  • WOD: Every 3 Minutes x 5
    • 20/15 Calorie Row (yay 5 less for women!)
    • 6 Handstand Push Ups
    • 4 Power Snatch (~80% of above - I used 70#)
I wanted to Rx the handstand push ups (ab mat under my head, 15 lbs plates under my hands), but when I failed on the 5th rep in the first round, I took the plates out from under my hands.  I finished the first round in 2:25 and it was all downhill from there.  Each round got slower and slower until I was barely finishing before the clock ran out.  In the 4th round I added a 15 lbs plate under my head along with the ab mat to give myself some relief in the handstand push ups.  This workout left me feeling pretty wrecked and I ended up skipping the sit ups that were prescribed for the after party.
I'm not a huge fan of these every 3 minute workouts, because I often find myself finishing right before the clock runs out so I don't get the rest that most people do.  I am definitely one of the slowest people at my gym which can be super discouraging.  I know I'm not going to be as conditioned as someone going 5x per week, but sometimes I wonder if I'm just not as strong mentally.  A big part of CrossFit is embracing the suck and pushing through when you feel like giving up.  I've never quit a workout, but I do spend some serious time mid WOD doubled over sucking wind.  But the truth is a lot of times taking a longer break doesn't actually make me feel better.  Usually I just have to finish the workout to finally get relief.  If I want to get faster, I think I just need to suck it up and deal.  Easier said than done...
Sunrises like this make getting up for the 6 am class a little easier.

W - CrossFit
  • Strength: Strict Press - 5 at 75% of 2 Rep Max, 3 at 85%, 1+ at 95% - I've been dealing with some wrist pain, so I haven't done anything overhead in a while.  I did a lot of stretching and when I warmed up everything felt good.  My 2 rep max is 80#, but I kept it a little light doing my 5 at 60#, my 3 at 65# and my last set I did 5 reps at 70#.
  • WOD: 5 Rounds for Time
    • 10 Thrusters (95/65) - I did 55#
    • 10 Pull Ups
    • 10 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
I hadn't done any thrusters in a while because of my wrist, so I kept it a little lighter.  55# was plenty.  I did most of my pull ups in the first half in sets of two, but it's really hard to work on connecting them when I'm so fatigued.  The kettlebell swings were my rest period.  I finished in 16:15.  I thought this workout was going to be quicker than it was, but I did take a lot of rest... see rant from yesterday.
Th - 1 mi walk with Dave & the pups

F - Painting prep, moved all the dining room furniture and emptied the china cabinet

S - More painting prep, sanded the trim, washed all the walls, scrubbed the floorboards, primed

S - 1 mi walk with Dave & the pups + painting, trim & ceiling done!


Picking out a red for below the chair rail.

I also got to catch up with some friends this weekend!  I had breakfast with the girls on Saturday morning and Saturday night we grabbed some drinks out in Phoenixville.

Can you believe July is over?!

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