Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Weekly Workouts & a Weekend in East Hampton

I haven't done one of these in a while, but I really enjoy looking back at these and I miss blogging on a somewhat regular basis.  So here we are!

M - 1 mi dog walk + CrossFit
  • Strength: Back Squat 6 x 3 at 80% with 8 Push Ups between sets - I did these at 155 lbs and the squats felt great.  The push ups were extremely challenging and I felt sore through my chest and shoulders immediately.  I never thought push ups were that hard until I joined CrossFit and I had to change to the CF standard with my arms tucked in tight, chest hitting the floor every time.  3+ years later, you think I'd be better at them...
  • WOD: For Time (15 Minute Cap)
    • 30 Calorie Row
    • 20 Burpee Box Jump (24"/20")
    • 10 Power Snatch (115/75)
    • 20 Burpee Box Jump
    • 30 Calorie Row
I took my time on the first rowing section because I didn't want to completely burn myself out right at the beginning.  The burpees didn't feel great since those muscles were already torched from the push ups, but I kept chipping away.  I was half way through the snatches when I saw the clock hit 7:30 and decided I needed to kick it up a notch if I was going to finish under the cap.  Apparently I did, because I flopped off the rower at 13:11!  I was also happy I was able to Rx this because I've been having some wrist pain but the snatches didn't bother me at all.
T - 1 mi dog walk

W - 0.5 mi dog walk + CrossFit

Apparently there was some discrepancy between the website which said 4 minutes and wodify, the workout tracking app we use, which said 3 minutes.  Our coach tried to estimate and decided we would go with 4... until everyone finished the first round before 2:30 and he switched it to 3!  Fun times.  My back has been in great shape lately, but deadlifts are something I definitely don't mess around with.  I kept the weight super light at 105 lbs and made sure my form wasn't compromised.  I was in the middle of the pack during the runs today, which is not usually the case!  It was really nice not to bring up the rear.  My times were 2:18, 2:24, 2:28, 2:24, and 2:10.  I killed that last round :)
I thought I needed a band for my chin ups, but I was doing each one jumping up on the bar, which gave me a little head start and they were going well.  My coach told me I should try from a fully extended position, so I did and I made it about half way up.  So close, yet so far.  When I got off the bar I realized I had seriously strained something in the left side of my neck.  I had pain from my neck all the way down my shoulder blade.  Thank God I already had a trip to the chiropractor scheduled for that evening!
Th - CrossFit
  • Strength: 1 Hang Power Clean (EMOM, aka every minute on the minute, 10) - My right wrist had been bothering me for a few weeks when I finally went to see my PT Sue last Thursday.  She told me my wrist isn't injured, but my shoulder and forearm are so tight that my wrist is forced to compensate.  After she put me through some torture, she gave me some stretches to do and told me to keep my weights on the lighter side.  My wrist felt better immediately and has continued to improve.  I wasn't sure how cleans were going to feel, since the catch position was painful before I saw her, but I started super light and everything felt great.  I worked up to 120 lbs!
  • WOD: 5 Rounds for Time (10 Minute Cap)
    • 20 Double Unders
    • 10 Wall Balls (20/14)
My dubs have been great lately, but I'm thinking I should probably take some time to warm them up before any WOD.  I spent the first two rounds really struggling, but rounds 3, 4, and 5 were great.  Wall balls always suck, but my coach told us we weren't allowed to break and I was glad for the mental push.
F - 100 Burpees for Time - A nice little better than nothing workout done in my living room before work, I finished in 9:19.

S - Rest

S - Random Yard Workout - 10-15 minutes of whatever moved me at the time including sprints, push ups, handstands, squats, stretching, and more.

When my coworker Hannah extended an invite to her family's house in East Hampton, we absolutely could not say no.  The town was beautiful, the beach was gorgeous, and we stuffed our faces at all of Hannah's favorite local spots.

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  1. Hey now! Your Burpee time is on point. I think last time I did that, I shot for 125 burpees and it ended up being completed in something like 12 mins 17 secs. You are a BOSS!!


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