Monday, April 2, 2012

Half Marathon Training: Week 13

Week 13:
- Monday, 40 min dog walk, 10 push-ups
- Tuesday, 4.56 mi group run, 47:20, better than nothing arms & abs
- Thursday, 3.51 mi around the park, 34:52, better than nothing arms & abs
- Friday, 15 min dog walk
- Sunday, 7 mi on the Schuylkill River Trail, 1:13:37
- Total Mileage = 15.07 mi

I killed it this week!  My quads were feeling it, but I didn't have any shin pain at all.  I was kind of dreading running 7 miles by myself, but it went extremely well!  And I've run over half of the 13.1 mile distance now.  Running 6 miles beyond that still seems pretty crazy, but I have time!  I also ran pretty fast this week, check out my splits.

I did have some 11 minute miles, but I also had some under 10.  My 3.5 mile run was pretty quick, but you can see from my 10:40 mile that I died on the giant hill.  But, please let me point out the last 2 miles in my 7!

Goals for week 13:
- Run 3 times: A+
- Arms & abs 2 times: B+
- Yoga 1 time: F

For some reason I just can't get myself to do yoga.  That will change whenever I activate my Groupon, but I've kind of been dragging my feet on that.  The deal is that I have to use all 20 classes within 3 months, so I want to make sure I can fit it in my schedule before I activate it.  I know there will never be a perfect time.  But at the same time I can wait until July to activate it, so I'm sort of thinking maybe the yoga and zumba classes would be a great motivator for me when my half training ends.  I don't know, I'm still contemplating what I should do.  What do you think?

Goals for week 14:
- Run 3 times
- Leg workout
- Arms & abs 2 times

This week is a semi relaxing week in my training plan since I was supposed to be running a 5K on Saturday.  Dave and I are headed down to Cape May for the weekend, so no 5K for us.  I don't have a long run planned for this week, but maybe I'll throw one in if I'm feeling it!

Do you think I should activate the Groupon or wait until my schedule is more open?  Do you know of any good yoga videos online?  Link 'em up!


  1. Great job on training for the week! I'd say activate the groupon after the race when you can dedicate more time to it!

  2. I agree to activate the Groupon post race, it will be a treat for finishing it :-) Cape May is really nice to run around, let me know if you get to it!

  3. Great training! I'd wait to activate the groupon til post race...I love Rodney Yee's at-home DVDs, I don't know if you can stream them online, but I've picked up a couple of his video's for $8-$10 at Target. He's not bad on the eyes and really takes time to explain how you should be feeling in each pose, where all your limbs should be, etc.

  4. Congrats on a great week of training! I agree with the other comments to wait until post race to do the yoga - as you progress toward the race, you don't want to feel conflicted between your race and yoga!

  5. Ever thought about pilates? if your gym offers it you may enjoy it more than the Yoga unless it's strictly a time issue. Looking good on the training!!

    1. I recently bought a Groupon for yoga and zumba classes at a local gym. I've been wanting to try both but I never want to pay the prices they're asking! I know yoga would be a great combo with my running to get that extra stretching in, but it's a lot on my plate right now!

  6. Awesome training runs! I would save the groupon to post-race. While yoga is great with the running, you need to focus on your training right now. One thing to commit to at a time is enough. Keep up the awesome work!


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