Monday, February 20, 2012

All Grown Up

Even though I'm 25 years old, I usually still don't feel like a real adult.  I like to dance in a public, watch Disney movies, and swim in creeks.  Every time I have to deal with something like my health insurance or an issue with my car, I just want to go whine to my parents.  But this Saturday night we did something that screamed "wow we're actually adults."  We had a triple date dinner party!

On the menu was some Green Curry Chicken, we were trying to recreate one of our favorite dishes from Thai Place.  Also on the menu was an amazing salad that Leah brought.

It came out amazing!  I will see if Heather is posting the recipe on her blog, because you need this recipe.  We had a blast, I love cooking with a team!


And then the hooligans got home and gave Puddin' some love.

Puddin' may or may not have just put her tongue in his mouth...

Next time I want to do a build your own Chipotle bowl night, yum!  The rest of my weekend was pretty low key with a coffee tasting at a new local coffee shop, catching up with some friends, church, an epic 3 hour coma nap, and some quality time with my new roomie.  Speaking of which, we have big plans for an Ikea date night on Friday to look for a wardrobe so I will have somewhere to put all my clothes.  Another you know how I know we're old night... and I'm excited about it.  I guess being an adult isn't so bad :)

What's something that made you realize you're an adult?  Do you know of any good clothing storage furniture deals?


  1. Looks good!!!! My husband and I are obsessed with Chipotle Burrito Bowls... we would eat there every night if our wallets could afford it. We actually made our own homemade bowls like yours last month and it turned out great! I think I may have to do that again this week... :)

  2. I loved our date night and I'm so ready for a build your own bowl date! We definitely have enough cilantro and lime haha. The recipe is actually from one of my favorite foodie bloggers: Bev Cooks! I saw her recipe, knew I wanted to do a night with all 6 of us and then wham bam the stars aligned and I've been eating green curry for breakfast. NOM NOM.

  3. Looks delicious! I realized I was an adult when I started paying for things like health insurance and car insurance! I also realized I was an adult when I started putting things in the budget like savings for my retirement!


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