Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekly Workouts

I was about to say this week was kind of low key since I missed a workout on Tuesday, but then I remembered some heavy squat cleans that crushed me.  Thankfully my IT band was completely healed come Monday, however I was dealing with some back pain throughout the week.  I'm overdue for a trip to the chiropractor, so that will definitely be happening before the holiday weekend.

S - Hit some balls at the driving range + 1.0 mi walk with Butler

M - CrossFit
  • Strength: Split Jerk, build to a heavy 2 reps.  I made it to 115#.
  • WOD: 10 minute AMRAP - I finished 4 rounds + 5 reps, as prescribed (Rx)!
    • 5 Squat Cleans (155/105) - These were SO heavy, but I kept getting them up!
    • 7 Bar-Facing Burpees

T - Living room yoga + 1.0 mi walk with Butler (with some random sprints thrown in) - Barbell Club was canceled because our gym lost power in the crazy storm!

W - 2.5 mi walk/hike with Butler (with some random jogging) + CrossFit
  • Strength: Front Squat, 4 sets of: 1 front squat 2 sec descend, 4 sec pause at the bottom + 2 front squats.  I got to 125#.  I probably could've done a little bit more, but sitting in the squat was causing a lot of pain in my back.
  • WOD: 6 minute AMRAP - I finished 4 rounds, Rx!

Th - CrossFit
We didn't have enough rowers for everyone, so I offered to start with double unders and then switch to the rower when someone was finished.  I completed 40 dubs, did my row, and then did 47 more dubs before time ran out.  Although I'm awful at them, it wasn't my worst day of dubs and aside from the two times I got whipped in the face, I stayed pretty calm.  I need to fix the way I'm jumping and I know getting better is going to require me working on it more regularly... but I don't wanna!
F - Rest

S -  2.42 mi walk with Butler + living room yoga

Is tomorrow really Monday already?

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