Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Our Wedding Recap Part 4: Photos in Valley Forge Park

I'm so sorry I made you guys wait over a month, but all that Whole30 nonsense was keeping me a little preoccupied ;)  Anyway, these posts only feature a fraction of the amazing shots we got from Fuller Photography!  I cannot say enough about them and I am in love with our photos.

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Summer shandys and ciders were passed around the trolley and the hip hop road trip Pandora station was cranked up!  We cruised around Valley Forge National Park for two and half hours and the photographers captured the most amazing shots.  I felt so relaxed during photos.  The weather was perfect.  The trolley was so much fun.  The park locations we picked out were picturesque.  Our wedding party was amazing.

We actually finished pictures a little early and good thing, because we didn't realize the trolley couldn't fit under the railroad bridge on the way to the church!  We had to turn around and take the long way, but we had plenty of time.  When we arrived at the church, all the girls went into a private room and Megan came to touch us up!  A few of us really needed a little refreshing and soon we were all looking our best.

While we were waiting, I had a first look with my dad (and Tom)!

He came in and told me he had a special gift for me.  It was a picture of him holding me right after I was born.  It was so precious and had quite a few people in the room wiping away tears!

I also had another visitor.  Dave's grandmother Mimi "accidentally" came in while looking for the bathroom.  In typically Mimi fashion, she went on about how beautiful I looked and how happy she was that I was joining the family!  She is really just one of those people that always the nicest things to say.

Dave's grandmother Edythe sadly passed away earlier in the year, so I wrapped her handkerchief around my bouquet to make sure she was with us on our big day.

Soon, we were lining up in the hallway for our big entrance!  This was actually the first time I was nervous all day!  My stomach was doing flips, this was it.  We were getting married!!!!!

To be continued... Part 5


  1. What a gorgeous place to take pictures! I love the one of you guys jumping!

    1. Thank you! I love living right next to Valley Forge... it's such a beautiful park :)

  2. You've made this hard for me. I can't decide which picture is the most epic! But there is one word to sum it all up... Happiness :)

  3. What beautiful pictures! Congratulations on the wedding! :)


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